Post date: 3/15/12

Today I went to Zara to check out all they new stuff they have there. I took these pictures to remember what I liked, but I decided to show you too. I love these flowered pants. I`ve seen them on the internet pretty much lately but I like them so much and I need them in my closet. The shirt is very simple, I forgot to take picture of the very interesting part - the back which is a bit see through. I like that it has studs on the collar. And THE SHOES! I love them, I want them, I need them! P.S. Don`t mind the way I look, I`m still sick but my mom thought that "I need a walk outside".

I am lately wearing my new favorite lipstick - Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick 15 "woodland berry". It looks very beautiful and it makes your teeth look much whiter then they really are, which is great! Btw, I started wearing this lipstick just so people would notice my lips not my whole sick-looking face :D Oh, and yeah, here you can see the studded collar. 

marwet said...

i just loove yours pants!!

Violet E. said...

i love your pants too

Lucy said...

amazing pants! :)


Minda said...

Those are beautiful pants! PS. You look adorable and that shade of lipstick looks amazing!!! Get better :)


Viktorija Gudino said...

My latest purchase is this top you have in the picture. I fell totally in love with the studded collar and original cut in the back.
And these pants are kinda in my wishlist too. I'm considering to find similar fabrics and make pants myself or if I won't find anything appropriate then I'll just buy those.

Self-Dressed said...

Love the details of the neck!


Nicole said...

I'm totally in love with floral pants!
Like your blog and follow you now! It would be greg if you follow me too!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Stefany said...

Thank you very much :)
I followed you back.

Stefany said...

Thank you sweetheart (:

Venla said...

Lovely trousers x

Katie Called Me Lucifer

thekittenswhiskers said...

Awesome trousers! And your new glasses suit you :) Feel better soon!

Laila x

Stefany said...

Aww, that`s sweet, thank you :)

Yvonne said...

you have got a lovely blog!


Carmen said...

You look really good in this outfit :)
Oh it´s really funny that you were looking at the stuff I was posting about :D Are you going to order the sunnies or the ring?

Stefany said...

Thank you and haha, indeed.
I`m not sure yet. I really love those glasses though, making up my mind for a year now :D And, as a ring collector, I feel that that ring needs to be on my shelf, but we`ll see. :D

Stefany said...

Thank you so much!
I looked at yours and fell for it!
Love your blog, followed :)

Mia's Little Corner said...

LOVE the floral trousers!!:D They're awesome!!

Stop by some time:D


Mia's Little Corner

Anonymous said...

love the pants!

Evaila said...

Me also like flower print of pants and this shoes are perfect for summertime!
I really like your blog! I am new follower!

Cassaela said...

I don't usually like loud trousers but they way you've balanced them out with plain black makes them look rather lovely!

The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

Stefany said...

The same for me. I was actually pretty surprised that they looked this good on me haha :D

I Z A B E L A said...

kiiiiiller trousers!
they look brilliant on you


Lena - MyBlondeJournal said...

Thank you so much for following me :)

I like your blog and you really pull off these floral pants!!
Saved the name of your lipstick, am gonna look at it tomorrow. Looks gorgeous on the pictures :)
And..haha, ordered the shirt you are wearing yesterday! So looking forward to it :)

Get well soon!
XO Lena

Stefany said...

Thank you so much Lena!
I like your blog a lot. :)
Thank you for following me too!


Temporary:Secretary said...

you're rocking those trousers! they look awesome on you x

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Love the floral trousers.


Dark Blue Stripes

Le monde de Myriam said...

Love the pant!!! :)

Ulayya Kamillah said...

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Adelina Alexander said...

Love the pants!!! I follow you .Would you like to follow me back?

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Beautiful pants! I love them too!

MIRTE said...

Great outfit! You look great!


Samira Phoenix said...

I love the print!!


Tanii said...

love your flower printed trousers! :)

Naomi said...

i liked your pants, fabulous!