Post date: 12/25/13

I hope that each one of you, my dearest followers, are having the best Cristmas time! I wish you all the best, may all your Christmas wishes come true and please, spend some lovely time with your families. That is what Christmas is all about! 

I will see you all very soon. More posts will come when I am back in Denmark (yes, I am currently in Latvia) and a lot of exciting news are right around the corner. :)

The Alexa Chung book IT from my mom and a beautiful necklace my cousin gave me for Christmas. :)


Post date: 12/20/13

Since Christmas time is so close, I must say, right around the corner, I wanted to share with you something that's been out there for a while now but still keeps me excited - Latvian brand Woolings
They make amazing wool shoes for both genders and are known for their eye-catching design, lightness and warmness - perfect for autumn/spring. (buy them here)
What I love about them is not only the design but the wonderful sole. It's made out of cool dots that, I believe, are there to make these shoes non-slippery. 
Even though they are kinda expensive for me, as a student, I still hope to own a pair of these amazing shoes. Who knows, maybe this Christmas. :)


Post date: 12/6/13

Yes, you guessed it. This book is currently putting a huge pressure on my "wish list" shelf. 
When I got my hands on it in the local Urban Outfitters store, I could not resist. First of all, the cover is super tempting because of it's simpleness and the contents.. Oh my. It's a really cool book and I look up to Alexa, so I know that this definitely is my under-Christmas-tree wish. 
Buy it here.


Post date: 12/1/13

Here you go - finally an outfit post! Today the weather outside is fantastic - all sony and warm.. Great day to celebrate the December 1st - 1st Advent! I wish you all wonderful pre-Christmas time! Kisses.


Post date: 11/28/13

Today I would like to introduce you, my fashionable readers, to a new magazine "Salt&Vinegar mag" based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They took off just recently and are already doing a great job. You might know that I am very into extraordinary and artistic kind of fashion. Something that you can't see just everywhere, so this magazine is a great way to treat my fashion taste buds. 

Recently I started working with them, so you can call me one of their "scouts". My job is to look for emerging talents and oh boy how I love doing that. You'd be surprised to know how many of these youngsters are out there. 

If I have gained your interest, be sure to click here and go check them out. Daily inspiration will be gained for sure. 

Take care and I'll see you very soon!


Post date: 10/31/13

MyMy Copenhagen is a Danish brand founded this fall by Marianne Kruse. She is also founder of the web shop Henny and My.
MyMy Cph accessories are simple but with a sense of luxury. After moving to Denmark, I have started to love and enjoy danish fashion even more. I hope you do as well. 

NEW IN : 241013

Post date: 10/24/13

Here are four cool items that I purchased today. I really wanted a gold necklace like the one above. It is from ebay and unfortunately the link is unavailable. But still, great statement piece. And the 'Margiela' t-shirt is from here

And here are two items from H&M. Since I have no connection to Nevada, this shirt only caught my eyes because of the colors. I have never had anything like this in my closet so it's a cool chance to experiment. 
But the Batman leggings really ask no caption. It's batman! Nanananana...! 

Take care! :)


Post date: 10/21/13

I never thought that I would see so many deers in one place. The visit to Dyrehaven in Klampenborg was such an amazing experience! The day was amazing as well. Even though it was pretty cold outside, the sun was shining and everything looked so beautiful.
There are about 2000(!) deers just walking around and eating off the grass. No fence. Just plain freedom.

NEW IN : 181013

Post date: 10/18/13

Recently I bought these three awesome items. The necklaces are from TopShop and the top with a cat on it is from H&M. I love those necklaces since they would make anything look amazing. Great statement pieces for autumn! 

Today is such a beautiful day outside and we are planning to go on a very cool trip somewhere nearby, so be sure to stay tuned for some amazing photos! 

OOTD : 101013

Post date: 10/10/13

Necklace:H&M; Sweater:Monki; Dress, leggings:BikBok; Boots:Bronx; Watch:ebay

NEW IN : 08102013

Post date: 10/9/13

It is finally that time of year when sweaters are your best friends. It is also that time when stores are having amazing sales on amazing things. 
Here are some of my favorites that I got recently. 
The cream sweater and the shirt that says "Just Blue" are from one of my favorite stores Monki. I highly recommend you to check out their website if you do not have a chance to go to their stores. They have some really nice things and now, that it is sale time, those things are sold for extremely low prices.

 This beautiful gold necklace is from H&M and looks perfect with cozy sweaters and dresses. Get some bold accents for your autumn wardrobe!

Stay awesome!


Post date: 10/7/13

Since I have not tried anything like this before, I decided to start something new and once in a while post some of my latest Instagram photos. I think it is a cool way to share some of my favorite moments with those of you, who do not use Instagram or do not follow me. 

Cozy candle-light filled sunday // My new mac Batman decal sticker (here)
 Going to the city to do some shopping // Jelly Beans at The Candy Megastore
The perfect evening with wine, Oreo's and a movie // My first purchase made from DK <3

Take care :)


Post date: 10/5/13

Here are some of my favorite things for this Autumn. I love layering dark colors and experimenting with different textures. I think that this outfit is perfect for a chilly weather.
All the items are listed below:

NEW IN : 26.09

Post date: 9/26/13

I wanted to share with you my recent purchases from BikBok and ebay. Since it is Autumn already, burgundy is my top color and yesterday I bought these amazing burgundy leather-like leggings. They are very comfortable and fit perfectly. 
The white watch and chocker necklace are from ebay and were super cheap. I always wanted a gold tag necklace so I finally got one. :) 
You can buy the watch here (comes in many colors) and the necklace here.


Post date: 9/21/13

One of the best ways to wake up? 
- When your flatmate comes into your room and says that the mailman is standing outside because you've received a package. :)


Post date: 9/18/13

As you know, I am now a freshman at Copenhagen Business Academy and living in Denmark, so if you are interested, I have made another blog here, where I post everything about starting your life in Denmark. If you are interested in getting to know more about student life here and more, go check it out.
Meanwhile, I wanted to give you a little preview of my new room that I share with Katrina. It is not big, but very comfy and that is quite enough. :) 


Post date: 9/4/13

Frederiksborg Castle (via instagram)

Hello my dear followers! Maybe this is unexpected or maybe you've heard, but I have changed my location from Latvia to Denmark. I've been here for 1 week now and it is amazing! I am living close to Copenhagen - Kgs Lyngby and I am studying Multimedia Design and Communication at Copenhagen Business Academy. It is still hard to get used to things so I am sorry about not posting a thing lately. Still, I am preparing some cool posts for you and many surprises. I can't believe how amazing Denmark is. So many great opportunities and possibilities. 
As a fashion blogger, I must say - stores are to-die-for. I love and have always loved Danes and Swedes for their sense of fashion - laid back and still stylish. Now that I am living among them, I am even more motivated than ever to work on this blog.
I will let you know more about my ideas and future posts very soon. I still need to get all the things together, like, find a job, buy a bed and etc. haha. 
Stay tuned for many great things coming very soon.



Post date: 8/23/13


Post date: 8/16/13

Here is an outfit post from the day I went on a boat with Halens. I wore NewYorker dress, shoes and jewelry. Rings are from H&M.
This was a really hot and beautiful day. These photos are taken at Bulduri beach after the boat trip.


Post date: 8/8/13

On Wednesday I was invited to join Halens boat trip where a wonderful presentation was held and amazing table was served. I had a blast and enjoyed the fantastic weather while looking over the horizon..


Post date:

Last week I attended another press day where many bloggers/journalists/media were introduced to all the newest in fashion/beauty world. 
What I loved the most (not just because of the story behind it, but OH MY the design) was New Vintage by Kriss jewelry
Rocks, rocks - rocks everywhere. I find rock a very beautiful material to work with and this Estonian woman Kriss Pōldma happened to know how to do it perfectly. 


Post date: 8/2/13

Yesterday was a wonderful yet rainy day. I met the amazing Kristiana and we went to Polhem press day. It was a lot of fun and we met truly fantastic jewelry designer, BUT more about that tomorrow! Here is the outfit that I wore. It was perfect for such day and I am totally loving the Zara jacket and hat!


Post date: 7/19/13

This is my outfit for Narciss store opening on July 17. I was going for a golden vintage look and tried something different this time. I really like my gold jacket with the wonderful flower print. 
I hope that you are having an amazing end of the week and enjoy your weekend!


Post date: 7/18/13

Yesterday, on July 17, the fantastic Latvian brand Narciss celebrated the opening of their first store/studio/fashion cafe in Riga! I am happy that I was invited to be part of this beautiful event. 


Post date: 7/15/13

Yes, this is true.. THE ONE AND ONLY - Facehunter - is coming to Riga!

As you might have heard, Yvan Rodic a.k.a. Facehunter is famous for his street fashion blog (here) where he posts photos from all over the world including interesting/charismatic people he`s met on the way. 
Now he is coming to Riga (thank you goes out to Agnese Kleina for making this happen) to sign your copy of his newest book "A year in the life of Facehunter".
If you can't wait to meet The Amazing Yvan Rodic, get your instagram ready because he will be waiting for you on July 18 at 6PM local time @ concept store Paviljons on Terbatas st.55. 


Post date: 7/10/13

Here are my favorites for the upcoming music festivals. I love simple outfits like this one and the cardigan coat is perfect for cold evenings outside. All the items used for this set can be found below. 


Post date: 7/8/13


Post date: 7/3/13

Today I was wearing: sunglasses::H&M ; playsuit, blazer, bracelet::BikBok ; leggings::QooQoo ; backpack::Seppala ; shoes::Bronx
P.S. The backpack is such a comfortable and wonderful thing! Especially when going out with a bike. :)


Post date:

Yesterday I posted my outfit from this fair that I attended. Today I present you a little sneak peek into the fair itself (located at Vermanes Darzs). Who, What, Where. 
This week, from June 30 to July 7, XXV Nationwide Latvian Song and XV Dance Celebration takes place in Riga. This celebration is the whole nation ritual and shows how strong are the roots of culture in Latvia. If you happen to be somewhere near us, please, come and join in because the mood in Latvia right now has never been better. Let's celebrate!