Post date: 5/30/12

My dear readers, I`ll start with an apology for not posting for a while and I want to make it up to you.  This is a really sweet surprise for everyone who loves wild and sexy things. Ladies, get together and cheer because Latvian brand SockBox goes online! That means you can order those beautiful and feminine pieces straight to your door! Oh, almost forgot - SHIPPING IS FREE WORLDWIDE! So lets pop champagne and celebrate!


Post date: 5/17/12

I`m not gonna say a lot. Just so you know, I`ve been very busy lately and today was the last final exam (yay!). Yesterday I was out with my cousin to theater and there was a exhibition too. I`ll let these photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.


Post date: 5/8/12

You know what I`ve actually missed A LOT? My best friend, since like forever - Alice. We basically grew up together and I could not imagine what my life would be like if I hadn`t met her. We`ve shared laughs, cries, drama and everything teenagers go through. I remember how we used to take each others calls and people on the other line would mistake us with each other. 
There was the idol-drama too, when a really long time ago we would argue about celebrities and which of us is more a-like with the celebrity we love. Then we grew up and all the little fights are now some really great memories. 
She is the friend with whom you can share your secrets and even if it turns out to be a thing to laugh about you know that you`re being taken seriously. 
One of the most stupid and most funny thing we`ve done is making a SPA in her lawn. When the gardeners were still decorating the garden and there were big piles of sand, we dug pits and made them look like little bathtubs. I won`t spread out in details but needless to say that it was a fun day!
She is my best friend no matter what and I am lucky to know such an awesome person, friend and girl.


Post date: 5/6/12

My dear readers, as you will see in the pictures below, I seem pretty happy even though I`m not. I feel like there are so many things I should change, but all the decisions are hard to make and changing is a hard ting to do. But I feel like it`s time. This week for me will be very busy. I have lots of things that must be done, many debts at school. I am sorry if there will not be many posts. You can consider this post as an apology note slash my note to self, plus an outfit post. Oh look, three in one. Great!


Post date: 5/5/12

Hello lovers!
Sorry for not posting in a while. I`ve been busy and had a lot of things going. As usual good and bad, but it happens. I want to share with you some photos I took with my cousin. She finally bought a bike and now I have a bike-friend. So here are the photos:

1st day we went to Mezaparks. It was a lot of fun because many other bike riders were going there because of the season opening. We even got on the first page of Latvian news site:
It was fun to ride without stopping because all the streets were closed and everyone was cheering and having a blast.


Post date: 5/4/12

10. Scarf
12. Wedges 

Hope you like my May wishlist. I love the new Zara accessories! Go check out their website and be sure to get all colorful this summer! Colors galore!