Post date: 10/31/13

MyMy Copenhagen is a Danish brand founded this fall by Marianne Kruse. She is also founder of the web shop Henny and My.
MyMy Cph accessories are simple but with a sense of luxury. After moving to Denmark, I have started to love and enjoy danish fashion even more. I hope you do as well. 

NEW IN : 241013

Post date: 10/24/13

Here are four cool items that I purchased today. I really wanted a gold necklace like the one above. It is from ebay and unfortunately the link is unavailable. But still, great statement piece. And the 'Margiela' t-shirt is from here

And here are two items from H&M. Since I have no connection to Nevada, this shirt only caught my eyes because of the colors. I have never had anything like this in my closet so it's a cool chance to experiment. 
But the Batman leggings really ask no caption. It's batman! Nanananana...! 

Take care! :)


Post date: 10/21/13

I never thought that I would see so many deers in one place. The visit to Dyrehaven in Klampenborg was such an amazing experience! The day was amazing as well. Even though it was pretty cold outside, the sun was shining and everything looked so beautiful.
There are about 2000(!) deers just walking around and eating off the grass. No fence. Just plain freedom.

NEW IN : 181013

Post date: 10/18/13

Recently I bought these three awesome items. The necklaces are from TopShop and the top with a cat on it is from H&M. I love those necklaces since they would make anything look amazing. Great statement pieces for autumn! 

Today is such a beautiful day outside and we are planning to go on a very cool trip somewhere nearby, so be sure to stay tuned for some amazing photos! 

OOTD : 101013

Post date: 10/10/13

Necklace:H&M; Sweater:Monki; Dress, leggings:BikBok; Boots:Bronx; Watch:ebay

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Post date: 10/9/13

It is finally that time of year when sweaters are your best friends. It is also that time when stores are having amazing sales on amazing things. 
Here are some of my favorites that I got recently. 
The cream sweater and the shirt that says "Just Blue" are from one of my favorite stores Monki. I highly recommend you to check out their website if you do not have a chance to go to their stores. They have some really nice things and now, that it is sale time, those things are sold for extremely low prices.

 This beautiful gold necklace is from H&M and looks perfect with cozy sweaters and dresses. Get some bold accents for your autumn wardrobe!

Stay awesome!


Post date: 10/7/13

Since I have not tried anything like this before, I decided to start something new and once in a while post some of my latest Instagram photos. I think it is a cool way to share some of my favorite moments with those of you, who do not use Instagram or do not follow me. 

Cozy candle-light filled sunday // My new mac Batman decal sticker (here)
 Going to the city to do some shopping // Jelly Beans at The Candy Megastore
The perfect evening with wine, Oreo's and a movie // My first purchase made from DK <3

Take care :)


Post date: 10/5/13

Here are some of my favorite things for this Autumn. I love layering dark colors and experimenting with different textures. I think that this outfit is perfect for a chilly weather.
All the items are listed below: