Post date: 2/28/15

Yes, indeed, Copenhagen is not lacking windy days and messy hair coming with them. This is also the time to celebrate up-coming summer and go for sun-filled walks. Just tie that hair up, girl, and enjoy these days. I can promise that we will be forced to get rid of our favourite coats very soon. I know for sure that I will miss mine. :)


Post date: 2/27/15

Quay x Shay Mitchell
I believe we all know Pretty Little Liars by now. So you must know who Shay Mitchell is. Her character Emily is definitely one of my faves and it doesn't stop just there. Now Shay has teamed up with Quay sunglasses and has made her own range.
When I saw these, my heart skipped a beat. I love every single one of them and will definitely get at least a pair for my summer days as well.
If I had to choose my 3 favourites, I must say that those are Jinx Clear, Tilly Gold and Tilly White. But it is definitely hard to choose just three when all of them are so beautiful.
To see Shay style these sunglasses herself, I suggest you click here to go to her Youtube channel, which she has made recently or see it below. It is actually a really nice channel she has there so I highly recommend you go through her uploads list.
And if you want to get these sunglasses yourself, here is the link. Just be careful, when you see that video, it will be a challenge to resist these beauties. :)



Post date: 2/26/15

If you have known me for a while, you might be aware that I don't have one style that I follow. I love to experiment and see myself in different characters. Knowing that there are so many cool things outside to experiment with, I couldn't give in for just one style. Lately I have been into edgy, dark outfits that mainly consist of black pieces. Hope you like the outfit just as much I do!

I am happy to say that the spring has finally arrived here, in Copenhagen and I can finally take my favourite Zara sunnies for walks. I love matching them with my Monki septum ring that I got last month for Copenhagen Fasion Week. And I am so glad that septum rings are so IN right now and they are making nice designs for fake ones because I definitely don't have the courage to pierce a real one even though it has been a tiny dream of mine.

Enjoy the pictures!


Post date: 2/17/15

Madara Cosmetics Flower Dust

Madara organic skincare products are probably the top thing I am most proud of. That is because it is a latvian brand and is one of the most successful brands in Latvia. When I just moved to Denmark I was very surprised to find their products in the local cosmetics stores and even more surprised when I received this body lotion in a Copenhagen Fashion Week AW15 goodie bag*! I gave it an immediate try I haven't put it away since.


Post date: 2/14/15


Post date: 2/13/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger

If this is not the easiest DIY, I don't know what is. :) Today I wanted to share with you a little something I did with my candle pot recently.
Since my obsession with candles is a real thing and throwing them out after they burn out is just as hard as lighting one up, I decided to reuse them and make the best out of the situation.

Ikea Makeup Storage

Post date: 2/11/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger

Most of you might already be familiar with the great makeup storage ideas using Ikea products. This time I wanted to share with you how I recently decided to store all of my makeup. I don't have too much makeup so the need for a lot of shelves and drawers is not my case. 

If you don't have huge variety of makeup like me, I hope this post is useful and you might see something for yourself.


Post date: 2/4/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger

Last week, on January 30th, I had the chance to attend BARBARA I GONGINI fashion show that was held at the beautiful Copenhagen City Hall (Rådhus). It was my first time attending Copenhagen Fashion Week as a guest and not volunteer (what I did last year) and it was a great honour to see this show live. It was something I had never seen before and the brand definitely got a new fan!

You can scroll below through some of the stunning looks and get caught up just like I did, but what I highly recommend is watching the video at the end. The musical performance that was held in the middle of the runway was brilliant. So many sounds mixed together bringing that dramatic vibe to the beautiful hall. It was worth seeing and experiencing.

I want to say a huuuge thank you to BARBARA I GONGINI for inviting me to the show and leaving me with  an unforgettable experience. Now I can't wait for the collection to hit stores so that I can get my hands on some of my favourite pieces. I love how the designer plays with fabric and my all-time-favourite black. The look I loved the most you can see in the intro picture at the top of this post. 


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Copenhagen fashion blogger

Interior decor has been my obsession for a long time now and H&M home is one of my favourite places to look for new and trendy things to decorate my room with. Today I will share with you some of my latest purchases and no need to point out - most of them are rose gold (another obsession I can't stay away from. :)