Post date: 12/26/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
There are two things I've always wanted for my morning rituals and those are good cosmetics and brushes. This Christmas made my wish come true and now I can definitely say that I'm all grown up. No more toys and games, just fancy make-up. :))

But if we talk the real talk - I am sending lots of hugs to my mom who for sure made my Christmas eve! Love you! :)


Post date: 12/25/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
Merry Christmas everyone!

Today I have another event/outfit post for you. This one is special because it happened on Christmas day. The location was beautiful - spa/store Attirance (Terbatas street 14, Riga) where the atmosphere is truly luxurious - just like the jewellery that was presented. "Soulstones" by Agnese Zeltina collection Angelo.

Lush face soap, mask, shampoo bar and hot toddy

Post date: 12/21/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
Lately I have become obsessed with Lush products. They smell amazing, they are natural and have gorgeous design/packaging. Since we don't have Lush in Denmark, I have to bring huge bags of their products with me. Today I decided to try these four: Hot Toddy shower gel, Mask of Magnaminty, shampoo bar with honey and face soap. What I think so far you can read below.


Post date: 12/19/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
Since December 18 Riga has a new shopping place, but not like the others. aClub comes from Italy and offers everything from clothing to homeware from different brands. I am a big fan of decorating my own place so for most of the time I was admiring all of the candles, cups and glasses. If you are looking for some nice leather goods for yourself or your man, dad or brother - you'll find amazing things here. Wallets, bags, portfolios and beautiful pens. Perfect for Christmas time!

Check out the video I filmed below to see how the event went and have a better insight in the store!
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Post date: 12/17/14

Here is my outfit for the L'Occitane store opening in Riga last week. If you missed the post, click here to read it. Thanks to my amazing friend Alice, for taking these photos below.
This was a really fun evening and it was nice to go to an event in Riga again since I'm not living in Latvia any more. :) 
Thank you's go out to Deniss Schevelove (@fashionslogger), L'Occitane and everyone who participated in the making of those delicious macaroons and to whoever brought the champagne! 


Post date: 12/13/14

On Thursday I was invited to the L'Occitane store opening in Riga, Latvia (yes, I am home for holidays!) at Spice shopping centre. The store is very cozy and filled with nice scents. 
If you don't know what L'Occitane is, now you will. :) It is an international retailer of body and face cosmetics, made in France. 
The meaning of the name is "The Occitan (a Provence) woman", which was new for me and gave the brand much more personality. Each of the range they have, tells a different story. I really like their packaging, which you can see in the photos and video below.

Other than that I am happy that the store is back (they had a store here in Latvia a while ago and now, after a break, they are back, hopefully - to stay) because I used to get nice presents for my dad there (they have an amazing men range). 

If you want to see more of the opening and the products, I filmed my first ever video and am very excited to share it with you! I have been wanting to make videos for a while now, but didn't have the right equipment. Now I am all in for it. :)

Here is my first video ever of the store launch. Try to not mind the shaking and focusing. ;)

”L'OccitaneTheir Verveine range is one of my ultimate favourites! I love everything about it - fromthe packaging to the amazing scent.



Their products not only are great for skin and smell amazing but make a great bathroom decor as well! 



Treat your brother, dad or lover with their men products. My dad loved them! 



Post date: 12/4/14

Yesterday I first tried this super trending product called Frank Body scrub. And, to be honest, my expectations weren't that high since I have always made a coffee scrub by myself and it worked really well. I mean, why would I pay extra money on this kind of scrub, if I can do the same at home. 
Not exactly. First impression when receiving the package was really good. I love how personal they make it and let you believe that 'Frank' is actually your pal and cares about how you treat your body. Who knows, but I love the idea. 

Then comes the part where you open the package by tearing the top off and smell the product. I was impressed that it didn't have any obnoxious perfumes in it and the scrub smells wonderful, natural (like coffee, of course) and with a tiny hint of almonds. You can choose which one your prefer from 4 types of scrubs - the original that I have, cocoa, coconut and peppermint, which is the newest one it the range. By the way, they just released a body balm, so I can't wait to try that one.

They say that 2 small handfuls of scrub should do the trick and cover your whole body, that's exactly how much I needed. Then I gently rubbed the scrub on my body (focusing on problem areas) with circular movements. This part felt amazing because, as a scrub, I could feel the rough coffee touch and it felt like I am actually cleaning off all of the dry skin and cleansing my body. Wait 5-10 minutes and rinse it off. Oh my.. This felt so good. The almond oil that's in the scrub left my skin smooth and soft. I could not stop stroking my legs, haha. Since scrubs shouldn't be used more than 1-2 times a week, this product will last a while for sure.

Lately I have been feeling slightly depressed and tired so this was a great way how to treat and cheer myself up. The coffee really woke me up and the process felt like a massage. I highly recommend this to everyone. The product comes from Australia and is vegan, which is even better. 
The shipping is free all over the world as well, which is a HUGE plus from me. I will definitely continue using this scrub and try the other types as well. 

I suggest you go to their website and read about all of the other scrubs as well. Give it a go! I loved it.

Treat your self!
xx Stefany