Post date: 3/28/12

Here is my latest look. It is Spring so I went for bright colors and lots of green. I hope you like it and elave your thoughts below. Don`t forget that there is still giveaway here. Go and leave me your name and e-mail for a chance of winning! Have a great day!


Post date: 3/25/12

This is how my Sunday started. Pretty yummy huh? I love weekends like these, Vogue, food and sunny weather. These are my first brownies ever. I must say that they are pretty delicious and really easy to make. For those, who live in Latvia, you can get these easy to make Fudge Brownies at Stockmann. 


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Have you heard about the Vogue Archive? It is a great chance to explore 120 years of fashion, more than 400`000 pages in full color. Sounds amazing. Everything is original, lived through all these years from year 1892. Of course, everything has it`s price. For individuals the access to Vogue Archive is $1`575 for a year. Uf, that`s a lot of money. But the great news is that there are discounts for in business interested users. 


Post date: 3/23/12

Yesterday I had a chance to see two shows at Riga Fashion Week. One of them was Zanete Auzina`s which was opened by Latvian model Karlina Caune. This show was my favorite. The second one was Natalija Jansone`s and I wasn`t very impressed. I guess it`s just not my taste. 
But, I was very impressed by the amount of guts that Latvian blogger Yaroslav Barishnikov has. He came to the fashion show wearing geometrical coat by Janis Sne - the new and promising Latvian fashion designer. I see him as Latvian Alexander McQueen. 


Post date: 3/18/12

So this is the first time I do something like this. My first try and I think that these beaded bracelets turned out pretty good. I enjoy doing these crafts and everything so I think that I`ll be doing this for a while. It`s relaxing. :) What do you think? Oh and the background is my new L`Officiel Latvija magazine. Something new to read for tonight. 


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I just couldn`t wait any longer without showing you this video of behind the scenes of photoshoot for the new Chanel book. It`s theme is the Chanel's tweed bracelet-length jacket which can be worn by anyone, anytime and it would look amazing in any era. You can see Karl Lagerfeld himself taking photos of 100+ models and celebrities. I feel that this book is going to be an remarkable piece for any bookshelf. I can`t wait till this Fall when it`s going to hit the stores. 


Post date: 3/15/12

Today I went to Zara to check out all they new stuff they have there. I took these pictures to remember what I liked, but I decided to show you too. I love these flowered pants. I`ve seen them on the internet pretty much lately but I like them so much and I need them in my closet. The shirt is very simple, I forgot to take picture of the very interesting part - the back which is a bit see through. I like that it has studs on the collar. And THE SHOES! I love them, I want them, I need them! P.S. Don`t mind the way I look, I`m still sick but my mom thought that "I need a walk outside".


Post date: 3/13/12


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I decided to share with you my outfit that I love but these pictures were taken a while ago. Anyhow, meet my super cute leggings from Latvian brand qooqoo. These are my one and only leggings from qooqoo but I`m looking forward to getting some more. They are really comfortable and if you would like to have them too just click here. :)


Post date: 3/11/12

Today I went to see the doctor. The fact has been proven - I am sick, totally and completely sick, but the very good news is - I finally got to taste the famous OREO cookies. They are very yummy, but very similar to the ones we have here, in Latvia - Domino. But I love that Oreo`s are not as sweet and they taste a little bit better. The price for them here is pretty high for cookies - 5 lats which is about 10$, but for the goddess of food, I had to have them. :D My mom is very supportive when somebody is sick so she lets me eat a lot of junk food except drinking cola because it`s proven that there`s something that causes cancer, so.. Anyhow, I don`t want to die, but I really want to taste the Cherry coke and the Vanilla one. I remember drinking them a long time ago but I want that taste back in my mouth. :D Maybe some other day.. other day..


Post date: 3/10/12

So today I decided that I quickly need a pair of glasses because I`m wearing lenses every single day (one day lenses) and it is not very good and healthy for the eye. My mom and I went to Alfa (shopping center in Latvia) and found not just glasses, but some very nice sandals too. We bought two pairs - one for her and one for me. I really love the colors and the gold chain with the little heart. Now I can`t wait for summer to wear them. 


Post date: 3/5/12


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I just wanted to let you know, that this awesome online store UNESTABLISH has something new to offer you, fashionable followers!


Post date: 3/4/12

Remember, THIS post? I was spending my day at Cosmopolitan`s Latvia office being shadow of Santa Zāmuele - editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Latvia. Well, I finally found the photos made that day and ... I look like a man. I don`t know what made me do that expression, but my face is ... weird. Look for yourself:


Post date: 3/2/12