Post date: 12/26/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
There are two things I've always wanted for my morning rituals and those are good cosmetics and brushes. This Christmas made my wish come true and now I can definitely say that I'm all grown up. No more toys and games, just fancy make-up. :))

But if we talk the real talk - I am sending lots of hugs to my mom who for sure made my Christmas eve! Love you! :)


Post date: 12/25/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
Merry Christmas everyone!

Today I have another event/outfit post for you. This one is special because it happened on Christmas day. The location was beautiful - spa/store Attirance (Terbatas street 14, Riga) where the atmosphere is truly luxurious - just like the jewellery that was presented. "Soulstones" by Agnese Zeltina collection Angelo.

Lush face soap, mask, shampoo bar and hot toddy

Post date: 12/21/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
Lately I have become obsessed with Lush products. They smell amazing, they are natural and have gorgeous design/packaging. Since we don't have Lush in Denmark, I have to bring huge bags of their products with me. Today I decided to try these four: Hot Toddy shower gel, Mask of Magnaminty, shampoo bar with honey and face soap. What I think so far you can read below.


Post date: 12/19/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
Since December 18 Riga has a new shopping place, but not like the others. aClub comes from Italy and offers everything from clothing to homeware from different brands. I am a big fan of decorating my own place so for most of the time I was admiring all of the candles, cups and glasses. If you are looking for some nice leather goods for yourself or your man, dad or brother - you'll find amazing things here. Wallets, bags, portfolios and beautiful pens. Perfect for Christmas time!

Check out the video I filmed below to see how the event went and have a better insight in the store!
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Post date: 12/17/14

Here is my outfit for the L'Occitane store opening in Riga last week. If you missed the post, click here to read it. Thanks to my amazing friend Alice, for taking these photos below.
This was a really fun evening and it was nice to go to an event in Riga again since I'm not living in Latvia any more. :) 
Thank you's go out to Deniss Schevelove (@fashionslogger), L'Occitane and everyone who participated in the making of those delicious macaroons and to whoever brought the champagne! 


Post date: 12/13/14

On Thursday I was invited to the L'Occitane store opening in Riga, Latvia (yes, I am home for holidays!) at Spice shopping centre. The store is very cozy and filled with nice scents. 
If you don't know what L'Occitane is, now you will. :) It is an international retailer of body and face cosmetics, made in France. 
The meaning of the name is "The Occitan (a Provence) woman", which was new for me and gave the brand much more personality. Each of the range they have, tells a different story. I really like their packaging, which you can see in the photos and video below.

Other than that I am happy that the store is back (they had a store here in Latvia a while ago and now, after a break, they are back, hopefully - to stay) because I used to get nice presents for my dad there (they have an amazing men range). 

If you want to see more of the opening and the products, I filmed my first ever video and am very excited to share it with you! I have been wanting to make videos for a while now, but didn't have the right equipment. Now I am all in for it. :)

Here is my first video ever of the store launch. Try to not mind the shaking and focusing. ;)

”L'OccitaneTheir Verveine range is one of my ultimate favourites! I love everything about it - fromthe packaging to the amazing scent.



Their products not only are great for skin and smell amazing but make a great bathroom decor as well! 



Treat your brother, dad or lover with their men products. My dad loved them! 



Post date: 12/4/14

Yesterday I first tried this super trending product called Frank Body scrub. And, to be honest, my expectations weren't that high since I have always made a coffee scrub by myself and it worked really well. I mean, why would I pay extra money on this kind of scrub, if I can do the same at home. 
Not exactly. First impression when receiving the package was really good. I love how personal they make it and let you believe that 'Frank' is actually your pal and cares about how you treat your body. Who knows, but I love the idea. 

Then comes the part where you open the package by tearing the top off and smell the product. I was impressed that it didn't have any obnoxious perfumes in it and the scrub smells wonderful, natural (like coffee, of course) and with a tiny hint of almonds. You can choose which one your prefer from 4 types of scrubs - the original that I have, cocoa, coconut and peppermint, which is the newest one it the range. By the way, they just released a body balm, so I can't wait to try that one.

They say that 2 small handfuls of scrub should do the trick and cover your whole body, that's exactly how much I needed. Then I gently rubbed the scrub on my body (focusing on problem areas) with circular movements. This part felt amazing because, as a scrub, I could feel the rough coffee touch and it felt like I am actually cleaning off all of the dry skin and cleansing my body. Wait 5-10 minutes and rinse it off. Oh my.. This felt so good. The almond oil that's in the scrub left my skin smooth and soft. I could not stop stroking my legs, haha. Since scrubs shouldn't be used more than 1-2 times a week, this product will last a while for sure.

Lately I have been feeling slightly depressed and tired so this was a great way how to treat and cheer myself up. The coffee really woke me up and the process felt like a massage. I highly recommend this to everyone. The product comes from Australia and is vegan, which is even better. 
The shipping is free all over the world as well, which is a HUGE plus from me. I will definitely continue using this scrub and try the other types as well. 

I suggest you go to their website and read about all of the other scrubs as well. Give it a go! I loved it.

Treat your self!
xx Stefany


Post date: 11/27/14

My iPad was living without a case for a very long time now and I was worried that it might get scratched that way. So it only made sense that, when I was coming back to Copenhagen from my recent trip to Latvia, I would sneak a peek in the airports Victoria's Secret store - since they don't just sell amazing underwear, but gadget things as well.
Apart from all the fragrances,  body lotions and beauty products this case that you see in these pictures caught my eyes immediately. Pink is not my favourite colour, but that's why I love this case. It stand out and looks beautiful even when just lying on a table.
I love that it has a pocket inside for some travel documents or anything you like to keep next to your tablet. It opens as a book, by the way! Love it!

If you get a chance to visit VS store, I highly suggest you do. They have wonderful things there. I really love their passport covers as well! I will probably get one as soon as I find my passport, haha.

I think that anything from Victoria's Secret makes a perfect Christmas gift for any girl, don't you think? 


Post date: 11/26/14

Last time we talked about starting a blog and everything that comes with it. If you missed the post, you can read it here. But today I wanted to share my tips on social media and how to get the best out of it.
We all know the basics of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but there is a lot more behind these and a couple of other social tools. Social media is not only a great way how to communicate with your friends, family or anyone else, but it is also an amazing way how to promote your brand/blog.
It is important to link your blog to all of the media's you use and choose an @name that is simple, easy to use and remember.

Twitter is a great way to connect with brands and followers. You can keep up with news that your favourite bloggers/brands are posting and share your own. Always share your newest blogposts with Twitter! It reminds people of your blog and shows that you are active and care about their opinion. I love that you can add photos to your tweets, it is a great way to catch a followers eye. Remember to tag a brand if you are reviewing their product or wearing it - they will appreciate that!

Instagram is amazing for showing what your blog is about, what you are into and sharing your interests with others.
What I pay attention to when browsing Instagram accounts is the quality of pictures and the theme. Be sure to post high-quality photos, best if they are your own, and follow one style. I sometimes can't follow this rule myself, but believe me, it does wonders. I really love when someone posts only black&white photos or ones that are kept in the same, simple, minimalistic style. I immediately know if I like what I see and if I want to see that on my dashboard.

Here are some great Instagram accounts that I follow: cathycouture, prettysickly, fakeleather, patrickpankalla,  amalielee, viennawedekind, hannaridell

Use the 'tag people' option! Only in fashion bloggers case you can tag brands if posting an outfit picture or a product. That way the brand will most likely see it.

Hashtags are something that people either use too much or too less. This is where it gets tricky. Everyone knows that a # sign is a great way how to get more audience to your tweet or insta-photo, but you need to be careful with which ones you use. Too much of #likeforlike / #followforfollow is never good. It is more annoying than helpful.
What I like to use is #fbloggers which clearly stands for fashion-bloggers, then you can add simple tags as fashion, beauty, style, ootd - whatever the picture is about, but don't go overboard.

Facebook pages - a thing you should totally do if you are serious about your blog and would like to share even more with your followers. Remember that you shouldn't post same content in all of your networking sites. It is not interesting to see the same content everywhere. A Facebook page is great for communicating with followers, sharing fun/interesting things, showing sneak-peeks of upcoming posts.

Tumblr is more like a moodboard for me than a blogging platform. I love to see inspirational photos on my dashboard and sharing the pictures with others through my Tumblr blog. It is a great way how to get inspired for your own blogposts, keep up with the trends (not just fashion related ones) and how to promote your blog as well! If you post your own photo on Tumblr, remember to state your source (your blog, for example), so when people see or reblog your photo, they know where it came from.

Pinterest, oh Pinterest. I wish I was more active on this one, but somehow I only go there when I need some inspiration. It is perfect for interior design and food. If you own a blog that is about these things, it is a great platform to share your work and ideas with others. is a platform where every personal style blogger should be. You can not only share your own looks, but see thousands of others that fashion-enthusiasts all over the world have shared. I love that you can see where others have got their clothing and if you really like something someone is wearing, you can find it right away.
They also have a great forum, where you can find tons of cool topics and discussions, share your opinion and even find fashion blogger meet-ups!

Bloglovin! I could not function without this platform. I feel like every blogger and follower should be on this one. You can follow your favourite blogs and immediately see their newest content on your dashboard. Don't hesitate to make your own account and share it in your blogs sidebar.

And that's about it! Remember to update any social platform you have frequently. Take it as serious as your blog, because it is. :)

See you at the next part of these series!

Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway

Post date: 10/28/14

Not a long time ago, our favorite UK vlogger Zoella, released her very own beauty range - Zoella Beauty. The world went crazy, so did the internet. Everybody was curious and so was I.
As soon as the products were available, I had to get some of them for a try-out and needless to say.. These products didn't disappoint.

Two of them, the candle and bath fizz bar, sell-out extremely quickly, so I ordered only these things, but for now, it is quite enough, haha.

The body mist (not fragrance) that you can see in the photo above, is one of everyone's favorites. The scent is very feminine. What I like about it is that it is not as sweet as most of products similar to this one. Usually, when a product is made for a younger audience, it is filled with sugarish scents, this one is not.
Of course, since it is a body mist, it doesn't hang around for long like perfume would, but this is perfect if you are going to school or work where they are strict about make-up, scents etc. ;)

 If you want to know how the whole range smells, trying this body mist out will do the trick, because all other products are sealed, which, however, is a great plus!

Ohh.. Everybody loves a great shower (and bath). Well these two funky-named babes will be your best friends, because the scent is amazing! It is a bit calmer than the body mist one and is perfect for pre-sleep shower.

Even though I am not a big fan of pink color or super-girly things, I really needed new make-up bags and these came just in the right time.
The label says that these can be used as a pencil case, but for me, they are just for make-up because of the size - it's perfect for beauty products!

This range is very affordable for the audience Zoella has and, of course, you get what you pay for. These products are very beautifully packed and designed, the scent is amazing for each one of them and you can see that she has worked hard to make this come to life. 
Kudos, Zoe!

And now, the part you probably wanted the most - the giveaway!
Just recently I turned 20 (on October 19) and now I have decided to give a little something to you as well. 

Do the tasks below and you have a chance of winning 3 Zoella Beauty products of your choice! Be aware that I will use to make this happen so it can be possible that some products might not be available at the time, since they go sold-out pretty quickly. Anyhow, we will arrange everything so that you get your desired Zoella package! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to each one of you! 

xx Stefany

Blogging tips series #1 - where to start

Post date: 9/29/14

I remember when I first started blogging (gosh, it was like 6 years ago when I started my first blog), I didn't know what it was exactly, how to do it and what can you do with it. All I knew is that I need a place on the Internet which is mine and where I choose the content. And that is what a blog is - your space of freedom and expression.
I decided to make these series because I myself find these kind of things extremely helpful and inspiring, even if most of them have been drilled multiple times by different sources. Here is my little guide book. :)

First of all, before you even start blogging, think about it. Find your niche and think about what makes you excited, what are the things that you like and want to share. Be unique and post content that is different from others that you can find online. Big part of blogs is discovering new things and sharing them with others. That way the inspiration never stops.
When you have decided what is your niche, either it's fashion, beauty, lifestyle or whatever, try to stick to it. People who follow you for beauty tips, most likely wouldn't want to see how-to-build-a-birdhouse DIY's (well done Stefany, great example!). You get my point.

Next part is choosing a platform on which your blog will run. Mine is Blogger, but a lot of bloggers use Wordpress as well. There are multiple platforms out there, but these two are definitely the most popular ones. When choosing, do your research. It really depends on what you prefer personally.

Name! This is the tricky part. When choosing a name for your blog, remember that you will use it for quite some time. Of course there are possibilities of changing it, but once people know you by one name, getting used to another one takes time.
It is a good idea to, once your blog has gained some audience, purchase a domain to link with your blog. It makes it easier to use and looks more professional.

The fun part is dressing your blog up - the design. I have had a lot of designs before, until I found the one that I like. If you like to, you can choose a pre-made design on Just type "blogger (or wordpress) template" in the search bar and off you go in the world of amazing templates that designers have made. It is worth to go through the page even just for inspiration. And think about the color scheme. It is always easier to read on light background than dark one. We don't want to hurt people's eyes. :)

Either you decide to make a banner yourself or use someone else's help, try to keep it simple. Don't drag the attention away from the content. Too many things happening at once in one place is never a good thing. Try to keep it simple. Less is more.

Remember about the sidebar (if you decide to use one). It is nice to see who is the owner of the blog, so I suggest you put a nice, small profile picture on the top of the sidebar. Then let your creativity float and add some social network buttons (will give you some tips about this one in the next post), archive, search bar or whatever you like.

Once the blog is named and dressed, it is time to feed it. Give it some content before you set it free in the world wide web.
And remember, the content is everything. There is nothing more important than that. Pay great attention to what you write and how you write. There might be time when you come across possibilities of working with PR companies and brands. Show your talents and use language that doesn't include swear words if you plan on being professional. This is a great tip for future reference.

About the text. I know that a lot of people love to use justify or center alignment for their text, but if we look at it from the usability view, it is not a good idea. It is much harder for an eye to read something on a computer screen than in printed version. Justifying your text gives it a lot of unnecessary spacing. And I know it looks prettier, but a human eye can get lost in the content and it is not what we want. The best way how to present your content is by aligning it to the left. (Finally I can use my knowledge from school haha)

Pictures! Important part of the content and it is the first thing that people will notice after the design of the blog. Think about the quality, lighting and setting. It is important that the pictures are enjoyable and pleasant to look at.
I highly recommend using your own photos. Everyone can find photos on the Internet, be different. Of course, there are times when you have to use photos from online stores, fashion shows etc. Always remember to state where the photo is from (source).

It is a good idea to add pages to your blog (navigation). You can add as many as you want and they are super helpful for "pinning" the important information. A must for every blog would be "about" and "contact" pages. Spend some great time when making these two, because everyone who will find your blog satisfying, will want to know more about the person behind it, and then, maybe even contact you.

Write what you would like to read, don't force yourself and write when you have something to say. Otherwise the content won't be appealing and neither you or the reader will be satisfied.

And note that Google is your best friend. :)

I hope this post was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. These are just some of the things I have learned on my blogging journey and there are plenty to come so stay tuned. ;)


(photo source:


Post date: 9/26/14

In the world of beauty, fashion and youtube, everyone knows who is Zoella or Zoe. In case you don't - check out her youtube channel and blog. She is one of the most successful young women out there.

Well today is a very exciting day for her and her fans - her new beauty line - Zoella Beauty - launched and internet is going nuts! Personally I am obsessed with the design of these products and would love to try them out. My favorites are the shower cream, body mist and candle.

As I've been following Zoe for a very long time now, I am super proud of her and happy that young people are taking over the internet and are proving that you can do everything your heart desires and that blogging/vlogging can be not just a hobby.

If you are from UK - congrats, the line is available at Drugstore. For those, out of England, everything you see in the photo, is available on which is one of my favorite online stores for makeup and beauty.

Which of these products are your favorites? :)

(image-source:; edited by me)

Black is always a good idea

Post date: 8/28/14

t-shirt : ebay (same here since the original seller has none left); necklace, rings : Gina Tricot; 
shorts : Monki; watch : ebay; bag : Urban Outfitters. 

It is hard to be so into fashion and photography and live without a camera. But I've got my eyes on one, so it's not for long. :) For now I will use my lovely mirror-selfie skills to share everything there is to share. 
But one thing is pretty obvious and that is my obsession with black. And while this outfit might seem so basic, I wanted to point out my black basketball shorts. No, they are not for ballin', they for stylin'. I got them at my all-time favorite store Monki just recently and hands down - they are amazing. The most comfy thing I could imagine. 
Another thing that I absolutely love is my Urban Outfitters bag with cool transparent parts to show-off whatever I carry, hehe. The cool part is that it has a small, removable pouch inside for things that you like to keep private. ;)
I hope you don't mind the quality of photos and stay awesome!

Alexa Chung it Review

Post date: 7/3/14

The simplicity of this book is so refreshing that it is the one thing you would find on my coffee table if I had one.
I received the book last Christmas and only now managed to finish it, but not because it is hard-to-read or has too many pages. The complete opposite. The language Alexa uses in this book is so light that not getting it would be hard to achieve. Whilst reading all of her short thoughts and stories, you will go through tons of selfies, photos of Alexa and her friends, idols and inspirational people.
She tells about how she was figuring out her own personal style, getting dressed in the morning, first interaction with make-up and her obsession with dinosaurs. It's fun to read these things because at the end we are all the same.
If you know who Alexa Chung is, you might know that everything she wears instantly becomes trendy, but while reading this book, I felt like she was my friend and not the ultimate it girl in the fashion community.
If you don't take things too seriously and enjoy bits of comedy in your life, this book for you. Get yourself a copy and have a smile, this book was definitely not made for serious reading.

The New Black

Post date: 6/30/14

You know those times when you feel like something HAS to change? I have them a lot and recently my last domain - expired. I took it as a chance to start a new life here, on my blog. Not only with new, better content but with the name of it as well. So from no on there is nothing strange happening here, it is all Black Irony. The new link to this blog is

Ironically, the reason for the name is because of my obsession with black clothing and the color in general. You might know that I am not a dark person, not even close, but I take black color more seriously than all the other ones.

Even this blog started out as an experiment, a silly place for myself. Now it has grown out in something that I couldn't live without. My blog is not just a hobby, it is my passion and happiness.

So to all of you, my lovely, amazing and beautiful followers, stay awesome and keep on reading. There are a lot of cool news coming up. :)

Much love,

Blogging bugs

Post date: 6/21/14

It's been such a long time since I last shared my news with you, guys. So sorry about that but believe me, there's a lot to come and so many great ideas are running through my head constantly. I just need to get my life together and lately I feel like I am not doing something that I should. You know these times and each one of us goes through things like that at least once in a while.

I have thought about what are my plans for this blog and how I would like it to be, but I must admit that I am in the middle of moral crisis right now. Starting with a lack of motivation. I feel like the whole blogosphere and what is happening on this side of fashion industry is so plain and commercialized. I know that what I want to do is share what I like, love and admire. I see so many girls starting off blogging because it is "cool"or "trendy". But it is not how you do it. All the step-by-step guides on how to start blogging are pointless unless its technical help. And then there are all of these copy-paste comments on other blogs, including mine, with a link to theirs. It has been a long time since I have read a blog where it is not about the quantity but quality instead..

Don't get me wrong, not all bloggers are like this. Most of them are just rookies, like myself. But, believe me, if blogging is what you do for fame and money, it will get you nowhere. When I see girls posting their links all over the internet, I immediately assume that what they are posting is as plain as the link in a comment box.

Of course one can share their link (it's how we all start), but whenever I do that, I make sure that what I am writing in the comment field or wherever, is honest and fits there. It is so overwhelming to read these "You look gorgeous in this outfit, girl. Check out my blog ..." all over the place. Not that I have never done that, but when you are a blogger as well, you get the feeling of receiving no credit at all. Plus, most of the posts include real reading material, but I know, that most of it is just ignored because it's gotten to the point where people scroll through photos as quickly as possible and type a "Cool post" comment below. I mean, I know it's a "cool post", why would I post it if it wasn't. :)

Well, I guess you've got my point and maybe one day I will say more of what I want to say, but I hope you get what I am ranting here about and get the reason for my long-term break of blogging. I just want to bring you quality material and my personal taste in fashion. I am not willing to be the one sharing Asian collaborations and things that I am not enjoying myself.

I love blogging and sharing my thoughts in general, but this blog will either be with a value or won't exist at all.

Thank you for those who are still interested and follow me. Lots of love. <3

Lips and Copenhagen

Post date: 5/21/14

Sad times.. no posts.. no nothing. *shed a tear* Without a camera my blog is an empty corner. :( But I am about to change that. I swear. 
Here is my outfit from yesterday. The weather was beautiful and Copenhagen - alive. I love living here even for the people. I could just sit in the middle of Cph and watch how unique and well-dressed everyone is. It's a beautiful city and if you haven't yet been here - missing out, darling. :)

Easter and other thingies

Post date: 4/22/14

And how was your Easter? :) 
Here are couple of my latest Instapic's for you to enjoy. The first to up there are from the Easter when we (students it is) had a nice celebration with closest friends and delicious food. It was the first time when I celebrated Easter by such a nice table, hehe.

 And up here are my favorite snacks - Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream and triple chocolate chip cookies - and - salad lunch with chicken baked in soy marinade, cherry tomatoes, cheese and chicken lavash snack. I hope I made your taste-buds go a bit nuts.

Up here on the left you can see a beautiful piece of architecture in Copenhagen and my famous garlic bread baguettes with melted cheese. mm..
And here is my face with a 'licious street art next to it. 

God, Hogwarts or whatever you believe in, bless Instagram. :)) This is my only tool for taking shots right now since I sold my beloved Nikon just recently (and that is the reason for my lack of posting).. 
But no worries, I am getting a new camera pretty soon. 
Stay awesome. xx 

Monki steals my heart (once again)

Post date: 3/28/14

So spring is here! So are new collections in our favorite stores - one of mine is Monki. The newest collection of them is stunning, as you can see in the tiny collage I made. Yesterday, while walking through Copenhagen, I decided to go in the store since they have a wonderful deal - 10% off everything if you share a smile before paying (use code springsmiles when shopping online). Of course I couldn't leave empty-handed and now I am a proud owner of the stripy socks you can see in the collage. But I can guarantee - I will be back for more, haha.
Let me know which items you would love to own this spring/summer and be sure to check out their stores or shop online. :)

NEW IN : 230114

Post date: 1/23/14

I am definitely not a big fan of light shoes, but these ones from Monki caught my eyes and heart, so I hope that there won't be any regrets.. I have a bad feeling that these will get dirty super soon, but we will see about that. :)

The two necklaces below just joined my pretty impressive necklace collection and I can't wait to wear them with my warm sweaters. Long live the H&M sales! haha


Post date: 1/16/14

hat/ZARA - dress,belt/Orsay - bag/H&M - watch/Nixon - boots/Dr.Martens
interior - H&M Home


Post date: 1/13/14

Today is the day when my vacation I spent in Riga ends.. I am sitting in an airport 3 hours early and enjoying the view outside. It is snowing. Just like it did when I landed a month ago. Great timing!

It was a great month. I met a lot of new people, met my old folks and went to a bunch of fun events. Like the H&M one that happened just recently. From there are the photos used in this post. A moment of laughter below that shows how 'serious' I actually am.. :)

'Thanks' goes out to Peteris Viksna Photography - he made these 'oh so pretty' photos. 

- hat/ZARA - dress/Orsay -

See you all very soon! xx


Post date: 1/10/14

Today I visited the H&M Showroom in Latvia where the Spring 2014 collection was presented. I met  a lot of great people whom I had not seen for a while, drank some champagne and talked fashion.. A great way to end a vacation, don't you think?

About the collection.. 
I must say that I found few pieces that I would love to own and wear this spring. For example, the dark tassel dress below and above is a real key piece to wear to any fashionable public event. 

The collection feels very bohemian yet chic and urban. Lots of tassels, diamonds and ruffles were used to bring this collection to life!