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Post date: 1/23/14

I am definitely not a big fan of light shoes, but these ones from Monki caught my eyes and heart, so I hope that there won't be any regrets.. I have a bad feeling that these will get dirty super soon, but we will see about that. :)

The two necklaces below just joined my pretty impressive necklace collection and I can't wait to wear them with my warm sweaters. Long live the H&M sales! haha


Post date: 1/16/14

hat/ZARA - dress,belt/Orsay - bag/H&M - watch/Nixon - boots/Dr.Martens
interior - H&M Home


Post date: 1/13/14

Today is the day when my vacation I spent in Riga ends.. I am sitting in an airport 3 hours early and enjoying the view outside. It is snowing. Just like it did when I landed a month ago. Great timing!

It was a great month. I met a lot of new people, met my old folks and went to a bunch of fun events. Like the H&M one that happened just recently. From there are the photos used in this post. A moment of laughter below that shows how 'serious' I actually am.. :)

'Thanks' goes out to Peteris Viksna Photography - he made these 'oh so pretty' photos. 

- hat/ZARA - dress/Orsay -

See you all very soon! xx


Post date: 1/10/14

Today I visited the H&M Showroom in Latvia where the Spring 2014 collection was presented. I met  a lot of great people whom I had not seen for a while, drank some champagne and talked fashion.. A great way to end a vacation, don't you think?

About the collection.. 
I must say that I found few pieces that I would love to own and wear this spring. For example, the dark tassel dress below and above is a real key piece to wear to any fashionable public event. 

The collection feels very bohemian yet chic and urban. Lots of tassels, diamonds and ruffles were used to bring this collection to life!