Noa Noa AW15 + Press Day Video Recap

Post date: 3/30/15

On March 26 I had this great opportunity to visit Noa Noa AW15 Press day and get to know the brand and newest collection a bit better. The location for event was unordinary and super cool - Nose2Tail restaurant in Copenhagen.

When it comes to clothing, I am all about details and this collection nailed it. Since this was my first up-close meeting with the brand I can honestly say that I am impressed and fell in love with their clothing. You can truly feel the Scandinavian vibe going hand in hand with a touch of bohemia.

Rimmel Kate Lipsticks Day/Evening

Post date: 3/27/15

The perfect Spring/Summer lipsticks? Here you go. Rimmel Kate 109 and 107! The 109 lipstick is slightly orange and to be honest, I have never thought that it would look good/suit me, but this tone is so pretty and perfect for SS daytime look. If you are looking for an affordable, pretty new lipstick - go check this out.

The 107 one is pretty popular now since Zoe or Zoella how many of you might know here, raved about it on her Youtube channel. I gave it a go and she is right - it is perfect for evening or dark daytime look. I used to wear really dark lipsticks, but since the weather is getting warmer I decided to go for a bit less wintery look.


Post date: 3/23/15

Copenhagen Fashion Blog
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Ever since I can remember shopping by myself, I have always had a struggle with buying things I actually need and would wear. You know, the same old story when your mom is all about getting you functional clothing, but you follow trends and buy things that just look pretty, but wouldn't go together with the things you already own.

This topic has been talked about everywhere - your favourite blogs, magazines and tv, but I decided to share my top things to have in the closet. Things that are a lifesaver when you feel like there is nothing to wear.


Post date: 3/16/15

I recently came across the amazing Shop and Box website which makes shopping available to anyone. I think we all have been in a situation when you really want something but the shipping is not available to your country or is too expensive for the value of product.
This is where Shop and Box comes in. I haven't tried it yet though, but seeing the great reviews and amazing products others have bought through their service, made it obvious that I should share this with you guys.

(instagram: @shopandbox) 


Post date: 3/11/15

QooQoo Maybelline AW15

Riga Fashion Week is approaching fast (17 - 21 of March) and my beloved brand QooQoo have teamed up with Maybelline New York for a new, fresh and fun AW2015 collection which will officially open the 22nd RFW! 


Post date: 3/10/15

I finally did it! I have been thinking about how my perfect work space/office should look like and how to make it inspiring and functional. I needed a place where I could do my study work, blog and store as many things as possible and I finally found the perfect desk I was looking for. Of course, my go-to store was IKEA, where I could find the perfect, simple furniture for affordable price. So I found this beautiful white Micke table. I had to choose between a bigger one with two drawers or this one with two smaller drawers and hidden shelves. I chose this one because my camera and photo/filming props just couldn't all fit in just two drawers and the smaller table just felt cosier and more convenient.

Another thing I always wanted was a white, fake fur rug and when I saw this one, I immediately fell in love with it and knew that it needs to be on my chair for extra comfort and prettiness.


Post date: 3/2/15

On Saturday I visited Experimentarium City in Copenhagen and I gotta tell you - it was a lot of fun! A place not only for children, but adults as well. I made a video of my experience, so if you want to, you can check it out at the end of this post. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos of my that days outfit and I will see you soon. :)