Post date: 3/21/13

This is one amazing sweater by one of my blog crushes Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur. Buy it here.

Post date: 3/15/13

You can find the blouse here, the scarf here and the rings in your local H&M store.

Post date: 3/14/13

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Meet COOEE Design. The amazing Swedish innovative design company who started out as an interior design company. They use modern materials like corian and acrylic and combine them with more known materials. If you are interested, you can get the bracelet here

Thank you PolhemPR!

Post date: 3/13/13

Post date: 3/12/13

Messeca New York Coraline wedges in black aztec. Still available here!

Post date: 3/11/13

Shirt from TopShop, dress from BikBok, necklace from Cubus, bracelet from H&M, watch from Nixon, tights - gifted. 

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   Good morning, dear followers! May this day be wonderful and productive to all of you! Here are my Woman's day tulips still looking amazing. Get yourself some flowers too - brightens up any day.

Post date: 3/10/13

Strappy ethnic ankle boots from ZARA. Get them HERE

Post date: 3/5/13