Post date: 4/26/12

Hello dear readers! I am so very sorry for not posting for a while but all the homework I had to do really took my time. Today I went to check on my teeth`s health at hygienist and they are all healthy! Yay! Anyhow, after that I went out with my cousin Lelde and we went for a bike ride because it was so sunny outside and she had just bought a new bike. Here`s how it went:
 This is probably my most "smiley" post ever. I am always so serious in photos, but in these ones I`m laughing in almost every one of them. :)


Post date: 4/22/12

I want you guys to meet Pretty Dresses In The Laundry! Just recently they interviewed me and it was such a great experience! My first interview ever! I think it`s a good start, right? To read the interview click here. Their blog is so interesting and well designed. I could scroll through it all day. Be sure to check out their blog, follow and read more of their interviews, they are really inspiring! Have a great weekend!


Post date: 4/21/12

Hello darlings! I`ve been a bit busy lately, trying to organize my life because it`s a mess - so many things I have to do, so little time. I`ve got some really nice ideas for StefanyStrange but it will take some time to come true. Anyway, today I went to Domina Shopping with my mom. I must say that shoes there looked all the same to me. But I really liked the exhibition you can see in the pictures below. I felt like a real art-lover for a moment, not that I`m not, but I just don`t have the eye for paintings.


Post date: 4/18/12


Post date: 4/17/12

Yes, I know. You have already heard a lot about the one and only - Bloggers Wardrobe. Anyhow, they have released three new brands and they all are brilliant! Each one is different but still so fashionable. I would regret not sharing them with you. Here you go, a sneak peek into the fantasy of fashion:


Post date: 4/15/12

Here is what I wore today. It was a long day so please don`t mind my tired face. On my way home I met a cat that is always on the street when I am coming home from school. He`s such a friendly cat, always following me home. I used to feed him because I thought that he lives on the street but then one day a collar appeared around his neck so I guess he`s fine. :)


Post date: 4/13/12

Okay yes, I am one of them - the macaron-obsessed society. Some time ago I had the chance to try my first macarons ever, but yesterday I found them in some place else - near my home (what a luck). I want you to meet - Muffins and More! It`s a cozy place that now is located in two locations and both super close to my home. Funny that I found the second and newest place by accident. I can`t actually eat anything that consists of flour (that is gluten), but I can`t help myself with these little babies. So here you go, a little, delicious photo post. 


Post date: 4/11/12


Post date: 4/8/12


Post date: 4/6/12