Post date: 5/15/15

For a while now I have been looking for the perfect sliders. And finally I found a pair that is interesting and at the same time comfortable. And together with these I decided to get a cool pair of holographic sandals. 

Both of these pairs are from Monki.

& Other Stories SS15 haul | Part 4 - Shoes

Post date: 5/14/15

Last part of & Other Stories haul is here and it is about shoes. I got three amazing pairs that I will be rocking this Spring/Summer. Let's get right into it!

& Other Stories SS15 haul | Part 3 - Accessories

Post date: 5/13/15

 The & Other Stories haul series are coming to an end and tomorrow will be the last post. Can you guess what it will be? :)

But today I am sharing my weakness - accessories. I love jewellery and accessories since they pull any outfit together almost every time. And without further ado, here is the description of every piece:

& Other Stories SS15 haul | Part 2 - Clothing

Post date: 5/12/15

 Welcome back to the & Other Stories SS15 haul series! Today I will share the clothing category with you and that includes four gorgeous summer pieces that I will be wearing this season.

& Other Stories SS15 haul | Part 1 - bags

Post date: 5/11/15

Clare Vivier x & Other Stories
Today I wanted to start a mini series of & Other Stories haul. This is a series because of the many items and I didn't really want to stuff one post with tons of pictures, so I will make this into multiple smaller ones based on a category the items fit in. 

The first category that I am sharing with you today is bags. I am obsessed with the & Other Stories bags and items in general. Everything is such a nice quality and beautiful looking. 

Noa Noa AW15 + Press Day Video Recap

Post date: 3/30/15

On March 26 I had this great opportunity to visit Noa Noa AW15 Press day and get to know the brand and newest collection a bit better. The location for event was unordinary and super cool - Nose2Tail restaurant in Copenhagen.

When it comes to clothing, I am all about details and this collection nailed it. Since this was my first up-close meeting with the brand I can honestly say that I am impressed and fell in love with their clothing. You can truly feel the Scandinavian vibe going hand in hand with a touch of bohemia.

Rimmel Kate Lipsticks Day/Evening

Post date: 3/27/15

The perfect Spring/Summer lipsticks? Here you go. Rimmel Kate 109 and 107! The 109 lipstick is slightly orange and to be honest, I have never thought that it would look good/suit me, but this tone is so pretty and perfect for SS daytime look. If you are looking for an affordable, pretty new lipstick - go check this out.

The 107 one is pretty popular now since Zoe or Zoella how many of you might know here, raved about it on her Youtube channel. I gave it a go and she is right - it is perfect for evening or dark daytime look. I used to wear really dark lipsticks, but since the weather is getting warmer I decided to go for a bit less wintery look.


Post date: 3/23/15

Copenhagen Fashion Blog
/1 here ; /2 here ; /3 here ; /4 here ; /5 here /6 here /7 here

Ever since I can remember shopping by myself, I have always had a struggle with buying things I actually need and would wear. You know, the same old story when your mom is all about getting you functional clothing, but you follow trends and buy things that just look pretty, but wouldn't go together with the things you already own.

This topic has been talked about everywhere - your favourite blogs, magazines and tv, but I decided to share my top things to have in the closet. Things that are a lifesaver when you feel like there is nothing to wear.


Post date: 3/16/15

I recently came across the amazing Shop and Box website which makes shopping available to anyone. I think we all have been in a situation when you really want something but the shipping is not available to your country or is too expensive for the value of product.
This is where Shop and Box comes in. I haven't tried it yet though, but seeing the great reviews and amazing products others have bought through their service, made it obvious that I should share this with you guys.

(instagram: @shopandbox) 


Post date: 3/11/15

QooQoo Maybelline AW15

Riga Fashion Week is approaching fast (17 - 21 of March) and my beloved brand QooQoo have teamed up with Maybelline New York for a new, fresh and fun AW2015 collection which will officially open the 22nd RFW! 


Post date: 3/10/15

I finally did it! I have been thinking about how my perfect work space/office should look like and how to make it inspiring and functional. I needed a place where I could do my study work, blog and store as many things as possible and I finally found the perfect desk I was looking for. Of course, my go-to store was IKEA, where I could find the perfect, simple furniture for affordable price. So I found this beautiful white Micke table. I had to choose between a bigger one with two drawers or this one with two smaller drawers and hidden shelves. I chose this one because my camera and photo/filming props just couldn't all fit in just two drawers and the smaller table just felt cosier and more convenient.

Another thing I always wanted was a white, fake fur rug and when I saw this one, I immediately fell in love with it and knew that it needs to be on my chair for extra comfort and prettiness.


Post date: 3/2/15

On Saturday I visited Experimentarium City in Copenhagen and I gotta tell you - it was a lot of fun! A place not only for children, but adults as well. I made a video of my experience, so if you want to, you can check it out at the end of this post. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos of my that days outfit and I will see you soon. :)


Post date: 2/28/15

Yes, indeed, Copenhagen is not lacking windy days and messy hair coming with them. This is also the time to celebrate up-coming summer and go for sun-filled walks. Just tie that hair up, girl, and enjoy these days. I can promise that we will be forced to get rid of our favourite coats very soon. I know for sure that I will miss mine. :)


Post date: 2/27/15

Quay x Shay Mitchell
I believe we all know Pretty Little Liars by now. So you must know who Shay Mitchell is. Her character Emily is definitely one of my faves and it doesn't stop just there. Now Shay has teamed up with Quay sunglasses and has made her own range.
When I saw these, my heart skipped a beat. I love every single one of them and will definitely get at least a pair for my summer days as well.
If I had to choose my 3 favourites, I must say that those are Jinx Clear, Tilly Gold and Tilly White. But it is definitely hard to choose just three when all of them are so beautiful.
To see Shay style these sunglasses herself, I suggest you click here to go to her Youtube channel, which she has made recently or see it below. It is actually a really nice channel she has there so I highly recommend you go through her uploads list.
And if you want to get these sunglasses yourself, here is the link. Just be careful, when you see that video, it will be a challenge to resist these beauties. :)



Post date: 2/26/15

If you have known me for a while, you might be aware that I don't have one style that I follow. I love to experiment and see myself in different characters. Knowing that there are so many cool things outside to experiment with, I couldn't give in for just one style. Lately I have been into edgy, dark outfits that mainly consist of black pieces. Hope you like the outfit just as much I do!

I am happy to say that the spring has finally arrived here, in Copenhagen and I can finally take my favourite Zara sunnies for walks. I love matching them with my Monki septum ring that I got last month for Copenhagen Fasion Week. And I am so glad that septum rings are so IN right now and they are making nice designs for fake ones because I definitely don't have the courage to pierce a real one even though it has been a tiny dream of mine.

Enjoy the pictures!


Post date: 2/17/15

Madara Cosmetics Flower Dust

Madara organic skincare products are probably the top thing I am most proud of. That is because it is a latvian brand and is one of the most successful brands in Latvia. When I just moved to Denmark I was very surprised to find their products in the local cosmetics stores and even more surprised when I received this body lotion in a Copenhagen Fashion Week AW15 goodie bag*! I gave it an immediate try I haven't put it away since.


Post date: 2/14/15


Post date: 2/13/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger

If this is not the easiest DIY, I don't know what is. :) Today I wanted to share with you a little something I did with my candle pot recently.
Since my obsession with candles is a real thing and throwing them out after they burn out is just as hard as lighting one up, I decided to reuse them and make the best out of the situation.

Ikea Makeup Storage

Post date: 2/11/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger

Most of you might already be familiar with the great makeup storage ideas using Ikea products. This time I wanted to share with you how I recently decided to store all of my makeup. I don't have too much makeup so the need for a lot of shelves and drawers is not my case. 

If you don't have huge variety of makeup like me, I hope this post is useful and you might see something for yourself.


Post date: 2/4/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger

Last week, on January 30th, I had the chance to attend BARBARA I GONGINI fashion show that was held at the beautiful Copenhagen City Hall (Rådhus). It was my first time attending Copenhagen Fashion Week as a guest and not volunteer (what I did last year) and it was a great honour to see this show live. It was something I had never seen before and the brand definitely got a new fan!

You can scroll below through some of the stunning looks and get caught up just like I did, but what I highly recommend is watching the video at the end. The musical performance that was held in the middle of the runway was brilliant. So many sounds mixed together bringing that dramatic vibe to the beautiful hall. It was worth seeing and experiencing.

I want to say a huuuge thank you to BARBARA I GONGINI for inviting me to the show and leaving me with  an unforgettable experience. Now I can't wait for the collection to hit stores so that I can get my hands on some of my favourite pieces. I love how the designer plays with fabric and my all-time-favourite black. The look I loved the most you can see in the intro picture at the top of this post. 


Post date:

Copenhagen fashion blogger

Interior decor has been my obsession for a long time now and H&M home is one of my favourite places to look for new and trendy things to decorate my room with. Today I will share with you some of my latest purchases and no need to point out - most of them are rose gold (another obsession I can't stay away from. :)

New in WARDROBE and favourite ZARA sunglasses

Post date: 1/29/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger
It is Copenhagen Fashion Week now here, in Denmark. I went to the city yesterday and loved all the beautiful and fashionable people there.

I am invited to the Barbara I Gongini show which will happen tomorrow and I am so excited that it will be super hard to fall asleep tonight. Mainly because the brand is Amazing! and that it is my first big-deal fashion week after Riga FaShion Week. So stay tuned for more blogposts!

After the show I will go to the annual Modeblogprisen (Fashion Blog Awards) and cheer for many amazing bloggers here in Cph.

On Saturday I will be attending the Fashion Talks and hear what people in this industry have to say. I can't wait!!


Post date: 1/24/15

No. This is not a post about toddlers and mermaids, this is about letting go of that part of you who is always in hurry and crawled up on a couch if not. This is about me going for walks..

I have always been the one who walks the fastest and if so then only to last-minute grocery shopping, most-likely-to-be-late school and busses. This is what it was like until just recently. And by recently I mean yesterday. But stop your giggles right there, cause some people just started going to the gym (whaddup New Years reference!). And I promise to soon be joining them as well..

So yesterday I went out for a real proper walk for the first time in ages. I started listening to my new favourite book and my new older-sister-I-never-had - Amy Poehler and hers "YES PLEASE!" Highly recommend and advise you to read it or at least listen to it (she reads it herself and it makes it even better).

Today was my second walk. I just returned and here is what I thought about while on my self healing session:

1. Walking outside right after it has snowed is magical, beautiful and beyond calming. The sound the snow makes under your shoes makes you never want to stop and yes, you can hear the snow even through your earphones.

2. Walking outside right after it has snowed is dangerous as well and not only because it is slippery and you constantly feel like you will fall on your bum, but also because of the teenagers who apparently are amazingly good at throwing snowballs all across the streets. I didn't get hit by any but the panic was there.

3. Going out hungry is not a good idea if there are at least 3 grocery stores, 1 asian restaurant, 1 pizzeria and McDonalds dangerously close to where you live.

4. If you don't have internet on your phone and the WiFi is lacking on it's purpose you might notice that you received 5 chicken nuggets instead of 6 as it says on the box. You might as well feel better at that point because not only you didn't order any soda with your food but ate 47 calories less than you would if they hadn't cheated. No hard feelings.

5. You might feel the thirst right after finishing your box of feelings and get a chocolate milkshake from the store right around the corner, but then leave it on a bench at the next bus stop because it was too weird and thick and because no garbage bins were provided. Then you might find yourself at yet another store with a can of coke in your hand and regrets in the other.

6. Listening to a great book for the whole time might actually make you feel better about yourself and getting home where it is warm and cosy will make you want to do this again and again and KEEP ON WALKING. TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF. RELAX.


Social Anxiety, Could It Be?

Post date: 1/20/15

I have been thinking a lot recently and I don't know exactly how to put it words, but I feel like I need to talk about this or else it might never go away. I have decided to use the beginning of 2015 as a turning point for myself and try to push myself, take advantages and talk more (I will explain).

I am a full-time student, a blogger and I live abroad. All of these things put an extra pressure on me as if being in my 20ties isn't enough.. When I hear a question: "Are you happy?", I immediately think "yes! of course!" - I have family, health, friends.. but then again, I am not happy with myself. And this is not that much about the appearance, but the way I feel.

I started this blog when I still was in high school and living with my parents back in Latvia. It became quite successful back then and I was very proud of it because it was something that made me communicate with others with same interests as me. When I got contacted by this PR agency who worked with H&M back then, it was a complete twist in my life. I was over the moon and excited, but it came with other things that most people would enjoy, like events, socialising, press. This is where I start to panic.

No matter how excited I am for an event, every time I receive an invitation I get this panic attack. And not about what to wear (that one too, but it's fixable), but about the fact that I need to go out in public. I have never been to an event here, in Copenhagen, though I am invited to my first Copenhagen Fashion Week (panic!), but in Latvia, the fashion industry is so small that everyone knows everyone. There are already small groups of people always sticking together, friends. To be a newbie in such a community makes me want to just run away. Usually I don't, because I enjoy being a blogger more than anything and I want to keep doing this, but here is the part about talking more.. I am the one who you would see going to an event (a +1 is a relief) and standing alone, taking photos and videos that I need for my blog, gathering the info needed, thanking the organizer and leaving. This is where I started to notice that something must be wrong with me. When I did the research about this, Social Anxiety Disorter popped up and made me put the puzzle together. Then I realised that it's not just the events, it has been with me for a long time - school, out-of-school activities, everywhere. I can go to a friends party and not speak a word unless a glass of wine is put in my hand.
I have talked to my mom a lot about this and we came to the conclusion that she deals with the same problem. I still don't know what exactly it is though and why is it affecting me so much.. To be honest, I wouldn't like to call it Social Anxiety or something like that, I just want it gone and forgotten..

The same is with school. We do so many presentations and group projects that I much rather would call in sick than go to school. I try to avoid any kind of speaking in public and being the center of attention. I have had multiple situations while presenting a project in front of class and I would be the person who stands in the very corner and doesn't say a word. I've been called out for this and most of the times they assume that I have no idea what the project was about, but the real thing is that I completely freeze when in front of an audience and can't say a word. Of course I am working on it now because this actually affects my grade, but whenever I can, I much rather stay low.

I remember my dad always telling me to talk to people, be open and free, but I never could. I am very polite, I say hallo to new people, shake hands or whatever and then I just freeze. I feel like this problem is taking over my life and the things I want to do. I avoid social gatherings as much as possible, I enjoy being locked up in my room and I much rather listen than talk, but if you live long enough like this, you start to get to the point where it harms you.
I try to always smile and be active, but it is hard to keep up when it is not how you really feel..

As you can see, I haven't been very active on my blog. I have tons of ideas, great plans, but all of them mean that I need to push myself like never before. And that is exactly what I plan on doing this year, but I need to hear your thoughts about this. Do you get the same feelings? For a long time I though I had a depression, but it can't be it. I know it's all in my head and unless I start working on it, it will stay there.

Thank you for reading.


Image source: Pinterest; edit: me