Post date: 4/26/12

Hello dear readers! I am so very sorry for not posting for a while but all the homework I had to do really took my time. Today I went to check on my teeth`s health at hygienist and they are all healthy! Yay! Anyhow, after that I went out with my cousin Lelde and we went for a bike ride because it was so sunny outside and she had just bought a new bike. Here`s how it went:
 This is probably my most "smiley" post ever. I am always so serious in photos, but in these ones I`m laughing in almost every one of them. :)

I`m wearing BikBok jacket, Zara shirt, QooQoo leggings, danija oxfords, Peek and Cloppenburg scarf and a necklace taht`s a gift from my bf.

 I love to take photos near water. They just seem so alive and beautiful!

 Wearing Lelde`s glasses.
 Waiting for croissants and drinking Latte at Cadets de Gascogne where Lelde works.

And here are some photos of my beautiful Riga!

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures, you look so happy!

kirstyb said...

cute scarf

Morgan Brooks said...

Such beautiful and fun pictures. You look gorgeous and you look like you are having such a wonderful time!

ali.avenue said...

very lovely!!
xx ali avenue

Naomi said...

fantastic! love everything- your outfit, the place and the entire post ♥♥♥