Post date: 4/21/12

Hello darlings! I`ve been a bit busy lately, trying to organize my life because it`s a mess - so many things I have to do, so little time. I`ve got some really nice ideas for StefanyStrange but it will take some time to come true. Anyway, today I went to Domina Shopping with my mom. I must say that shoes there looked all the same to me. But I really liked the exhibition you can see in the pictures below. I felt like a real art-lover for a moment, not that I`m not, but I just don`t have the eye for paintings.

Zara shirt and bag, Cubus necklace, Peek & Cloppenburg scarf, danija shoes.
Shiny Bliss said...

hello dear, thank you sooooooo much for your response on the LB forum!! you have an amazing blog! i am now following you via blogger and bloglovin'....xoxo keep in touch!! stay pretty! <3

Cassaela said...

Love how you tied in the bright blue shoes to the bag, and that lime green is beautiful!
The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

Naomi said...