Post date: 6/3/12

Hello to all of you Hunger Games fans and all of you who are not. Here I am hunting plain air slash posing with my new toy. I must say that this could get really entertaining and maybe I am on my way to finding a new hobby, but who knows. If there really comes a day called Zombie invasion - you know who to call. 
But aside from all that scary stuff, these photos were taken yesterday when I went to the annual fair where Latvian craftsman's sell their works of art. This is the 42nd year that this fair is held and THAT is impressive! Down below I  posted some photos from this fair and I must say that even though that the weather was really bad, it was a beautiful time to spend with my family and feel the Latvian power among rain dropping trees and fresh air. Feel the art darlings and I`ll see you tomorrow!

Leather jacket  -  BikBok
Necklace  -  Cubus
Dog sweatshirt/jumper  -  BikBok
Poncho  -  Cubus
Leggings  -  BikBok
Boots - random shop found in a city

 Latvian national brooch aka ouch is one of my favorite accessory to wear with white blouse or shirt. 

Tanya WALL officiel said...

great look , love the leggings and the boots, nice mood in this photo ! ♥ ♥ ♥

Stefany said...

Thank you darling :)

HelenDushko said...

thanx dear, follow you back;)


A Mode World said...

Great photos. Love the jacket. xA said...

This is a great post for Hunger Game fans like me!

Naomi said...

interesting post, such creative stuff and love your outfit as always ♥