Post date: 6/28/12

Today, after having great dinner at Gan Bei with my dad and sister, we went on a little shopping trip to one of my favorite shops - mango. In my opinion, they have one of the best clothes and they are really good quality too. I had had my eye on the bag below for some time and today I finally got it. I love that it is black, elegant but still has one of my favorite design elements - chains. Beautiful as that. 

I decided to get a new home for my cards and cash so here is a matching wallet for my new bag. If I buy a wallet, it has to be big or, i should say, huge, because I always put everything in them and this one from mango was the perfect one. And another great thing about it - it is black, and did I mention the chain?

Big thank you goes out to my lovely dad. My sunglasses collection continues to grow and these darlings are the last ones who join the club. Welcome cookies to these beauties!

Have a great night, my followers. I love you all!
Zayn Al-Qahtani said...

Oh your new bag is so cute! I love black a lot as well <3 New fan! xoxo

Zayn, from

Santa said...

I love the bag! How much was it?

Stefany said...

Thank you! About 30lats :)

Naomi said...

dying with your stuff, how lucky are you to have such things ♥♥♥