Post date: 9/14/12

   Yesterday on September 13 I had a chance to be part of the first H&M VIP opening in Latvia. I was very excited and couldn't wait to see all the beautiful pieces of clothing in real life. About 1000 guests were enjoying the delicious champagne and treats followed by a discount for everything they desire. I bought some fabulous things myself and will share them with you in my next post later.
   I can't wait to see all the fashionable people wearing these amazing designs their own way. This was probably the best night of my life and I was enjoying every second of it! 
   At the end we were given nice goodie bags with sunglasses in them. What a nice way to treat guests! Warm "Thank you"'s go out to all the wonderful people who made this night happen, walked around warmly greeting guests and sharing their love for fashion! I hope you enjoy these photos and I'll see you all soon!

                       Shirt worn as coat, dress, necklace - BikBok; Ring - Diva; Shoes - ZARA

Me and the amazing Agnese Kleina aka http://www.whimsicalagnesiga.com/
Analisa said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! I love all these photos :)


Stefany said...

Thank you so much. It was a blast :)

Ivânia Diamond by Ivânia Santos said...

Hey girl!!
Great pics and nice blog!

I'm a new follower :)

kiss from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Gash, I want all the shoes ;( I'm totally coming to Riga to storm H&M ]:)

Stefany said...

Hey! Thank you. I am following you back, love your blog. :)

Stefany said...

That makes two of us haha. Do that and be sure to warn me before, I`ll help you ;D

Soul of a fashionista said...

loved it!!! Followed you :D


Stefany said...

Thank you!

GUDUVA said...

i fallen in love with all photos


Lisa Yang said...

lovely photos:)


carolina said...

I love your posts! they are super! what do you think about follow each other? please check out my baby blog and let me know :)

much love,

Stefany said...

I am happy that you say so. :)

Stefany said...

Thank you, Carolina! I sure will.

Stefany said...

Thank you!