Post date: 11/2/12

   Yesterday I had a chance to see, touch and admire Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection that will launch in selected H&M stores on November 15. I am getting my running shoes ready already because as I see from the world of oh beloved internet, girls and boys all around the world have gone mad about this collection. And yes, I am one of them.  

   I really like the candy clutch. The material feels really soft and puffy. Hard to explain how 'amazing' feels though so I suggest you to go check it out yourselves on November 15. But I must warn you, that is the biggest candy I have ever held. No seriously, if you compare it`s size with the size of the shoes in the photo, you can see that the clutch is really big and it means only one thing - finally a clutch where something more than a phone or wallet fits in. Cheers!

   Another piece I am dying for? This stunning leather jacket! It looks amazing both ways - on a hanger or when being worn. I can already imagine myself in it with huge black sunglasses and those black plexi wedge pumps. 'Eye catching' could not really explain that kind of an outfit.

   Here is the wonderful Sanita Kalnina from posing with those amazing red Plexi glass wedge pumps.

   I am a really happy girl because I had a chance to try on that over-sized coat in the picture on the left and I must say that I felt like I am  drowning in it at first but after you get over the shock that it`s MMM that you are wearing.. It feels amazing. I love how warm it was and the feeling could be compared with the one you get in the morning, when you must get up but the blanket is so warm and comfy. I really do desire this coat a lot. It would be my everyday morning blanket.


   These High-top sneakers are really beautiful. I love how simple, classy but still rebel they are! Would love to see my guy-friends wearing them a lot!

   Let me share with you this breath-taking video from Maison Martin Margiela x H&M launch event in NYC. I love how Selma Blair looked and how beautiful the horizontal dress looked on her. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you all tomorrow! 

kcomekarolina said...

omg! it looks awesome!

xoxo from rome

Stefany said...

It really is! I like your blog a lot. followed :)

doloresa said...

Can't wait for November 15, looks lovely!
xx Doloresa

Stefany said...

Same here :))


I'm a huge fan of the ankle boots!

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