Post date: 2/18/13

   Girls! This is something we all have been waiting for. I have always hated washing my make-up brushes because of the mess and the time it takes to clean them all. Plus, the make-up really is hard to wash out. I think this new Sigma brush cleaning glove (as silly as it sounds) is something that every lady should have. 
   As we all know, make-up brushes need to be washed as much as possible because of the dead skin and dirt that gets stuck on them, so if you are that kind of a lazy-ass as I am, then this glove is a motivational gift from beauty goddess of heaven.
   The Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove is a quick and effective method to deep clean your entire makeup brush collection. This revolutionary device offers a variety of textures and surfaces for removing makeup from your brushes while using only a small amount of cleaning solution.

   The surface of the glove was engineered to clean your brushes by offering a variety of cleaning surfaces including wash, rinse, refine and shape.

   The glove provides 6 unique cleaning textures for both eye and face brushes. In the example above, you can see how easy it is to wash, refine, rinse and shape your brushes! 
   I find it awesome that you can choose from 4 different colors and make it not just easier but also a lot more fun! The only thing that is a little turn-off is the price - $39.00, but hey, it is worth it. 

photos and information about the product are from Sigma
Je ne sais quoi said...

wow i love it thanks for introducting it and sharing it!