Post date: 1/10/14

Today I visited the H&M Showroom in Latvia where the Spring 2014 collection was presented. I met  a lot of great people whom I had not seen for a while, drank some champagne and talked fashion.. A great way to end a vacation, don't you think?

About the collection.. 
I must say that I found few pieces that I would love to own and wear this spring. For example, the dark tassel dress below and above is a real key piece to wear to any fashionable public event. 

The collection feels very bohemian yet chic and urban. Lots of tassels, diamonds and ruffles were used to bring this collection to life!

Another beautiful piece is the shorts in the picture below. I am not sure if I would pull them off, but I will definitely give it a try.

Rings are my weakness so we know what I will be aiming on when March 6 is circled in calendars.

Even though the jacket below is not exactly my-cup-of-tea, I think that it's still an pretty amazing piece since you can see how extremely detailed it is. 

The collection will be launched in stores March 6. 

And a picture of Pēteris Vīksna taking photo of me by Kārlis Upsavs.

Thank you H&M Latvia team for the great event!
See ya! :)