Post date: 11/26/14

Last time we talked about starting a blog and everything that comes with it. If you missed the post, you can read it here. But today I wanted to share my tips on social media and how to get the best out of it.
We all know the basics of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but there is a lot more behind these and a couple of other social tools. Social media is not only a great way how to communicate with your friends, family or anyone else, but it is also an amazing way how to promote your brand/blog.
It is important to link your blog to all of the media's you use and choose an @name that is simple, easy to use and remember.

Twitter is a great way to connect with brands and followers. You can keep up with news that your favourite bloggers/brands are posting and share your own. Always share your newest blogposts with Twitter! It reminds people of your blog and shows that you are active and care about their opinion. I love that you can add photos to your tweets, it is a great way to catch a followers eye. Remember to tag a brand if you are reviewing their product or wearing it - they will appreciate that!

Instagram is amazing for showing what your blog is about, what you are into and sharing your interests with others.
What I pay attention to when browsing Instagram accounts is the quality of pictures and the theme. Be sure to post high-quality photos, best if they are your own, and follow one style. I sometimes can't follow this rule myself, but believe me, it does wonders. I really love when someone posts only black&white photos or ones that are kept in the same, simple, minimalistic style. I immediately know if I like what I see and if I want to see that on my dashboard.

Here are some great Instagram accounts that I follow: cathycouture, prettysickly, fakeleather, patrickpankalla,  amalielee, viennawedekind, hannaridell

Use the 'tag people' option! Only in fashion bloggers case you can tag brands if posting an outfit picture or a product. That way the brand will most likely see it.

Hashtags are something that people either use too much or too less. This is where it gets tricky. Everyone knows that a # sign is a great way how to get more audience to your tweet or insta-photo, but you need to be careful with which ones you use. Too much of #likeforlike / #followforfollow is never good. It is more annoying than helpful.
What I like to use is #fbloggers which clearly stands for fashion-bloggers, then you can add simple tags as fashion, beauty, style, ootd - whatever the picture is about, but don't go overboard.

Facebook pages - a thing you should totally do if you are serious about your blog and would like to share even more with your followers. Remember that you shouldn't post same content in all of your networking sites. It is not interesting to see the same content everywhere. A Facebook page is great for communicating with followers, sharing fun/interesting things, showing sneak-peeks of upcoming posts.

Tumblr is more like a moodboard for me than a blogging platform. I love to see inspirational photos on my dashboard and sharing the pictures with others through my Tumblr blog. It is a great way how to get inspired for your own blogposts, keep up with the trends (not just fashion related ones) and how to promote your blog as well! If you post your own photo on Tumblr, remember to state your source (your blog, for example), so when people see or reblog your photo, they know where it came from.

Pinterest, oh Pinterest. I wish I was more active on this one, but somehow I only go there when I need some inspiration. It is perfect for interior design and food. If you own a blog that is about these things, it is a great platform to share your work and ideas with others. is a platform where every personal style blogger should be. You can not only share your own looks, but see thousands of others that fashion-enthusiasts all over the world have shared. I love that you can see where others have got their clothing and if you really like something someone is wearing, you can find it right away.
They also have a great forum, where you can find tons of cool topics and discussions, share your opinion and even find fashion blogger meet-ups!

Bloglovin! I could not function without this platform. I feel like every blogger and follower should be on this one. You can follow your favourite blogs and immediately see their newest content on your dashboard. Don't hesitate to make your own account and share it in your blogs sidebar.

And that's about it! Remember to update any social platform you have frequently. Take it as serious as your blog, because it is. :)

See you at the next part of these series!