Post date: 12/26/14

Copenhagen fashion blogger
There are two things I've always wanted for my morning rituals and those are good cosmetics and brushes. This Christmas made my wish come true and now I can definitely say that I'm all grown up. No more toys and games, just fancy make-up. :))

But if we talk the real talk - I am sending lots of hugs to my mom who for sure made my Christmas eve! Love you! :)

Denmark fashion blogger

I got these tho MAC products which are a bronzing powder and a highlighter.

Stefany Vidzus

The highlighter in Soft & Gentle is amazing. You can use it to bring out your best features and really brighten up the look. It comes in a very nice window packaging so you can see what you're going for.

MAC bronzing powder

The bronzing powder "Matte bronze" is something I was looking for for a long time. I just recently started paying more attention to my make-up and experimenting, so I knew it was time to get one.
This is a matte one since I wanted something not too shimmery and more natural-looking, plus, this is great for beginners, like me, since you can't really go overboard with this one. The pigment is not that intense, so you'd have to really drag your brush in the product to get too much on your face.
Love that it comes with a tiny mirror so - good to go!

Real Techniques brush

And now - yes! The Real Techniques brushes. I was planning to order these for a looong time, so when I saw these in Riga - Stockmann store, I went all crazy.
I got all the main ones I thought I would need for all the make-up I apply, that is:
Core collection kit with 4 different brushes: detailer brush, foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush.
Then I got the Powder brush which is the biggest of them all and super comfy and the Stippling brush in pink.
All of these brushes feel amazing and are soft and feel nice.

Mac highlighter
You can definitely read more about these products on their websites since I'm not going in too specific details. Other than that I am super happy and like all of these things a lot!