Post date: 2/17/15

Madara Cosmetics Flower Dust

Madara organic skincare products are probably the top thing I am most proud of. That is because it is a latvian brand and is one of the most successful brands in Latvia. When I just moved to Denmark I was very surprised to find their products in the local cosmetics stores and even more surprised when I received this body lotion in a Copenhagen Fashion Week AW15 goodie bag*! I gave it an immediate try I haven't put it away since.

This Flower Dust lotion is a shimmering moisturiser, as it says on the packaging, but my oh my, it really does moisturise and shimmer beautifully! I didn't expect such a great result. Skin gets a very nice golden glow and really looks beautiful on body. I can't wait to use this in summer on a nice tanned skin. The golden glow will look absolutely fabulous and I am sure about it.

Of course, since the shimmer really is there, I probably wouldn't recommend you doing what I sometimes do - put it on before going to sleep. I woke up with golden sheets haha. But if that's what you're going for - right on! :)

I feel like I need to point out some great facts about this product - it is VEGAN, nut/gluten free, cruelty free and natural & organic. What more could you ask for? Perfect!

If interested, you can read more about this and other Madara products on their website here.

*And this is the goodie bag I was talking about, with the lotion.