Post date: 3/10/15

I finally did it! I have been thinking about how my perfect work space/office should look like and how to make it inspiring and functional. I needed a place where I could do my study work, blog and store as many things as possible and I finally found the perfect desk I was looking for. Of course, my go-to store was IKEA, where I could find the perfect, simple furniture for affordable price. So I found this beautiful white Micke table. I had to choose between a bigger one with two drawers or this one with two smaller drawers and hidden shelves. I chose this one because my camera and photo/filming props just couldn't all fit in just two drawers and the smaller table just felt cosier and more convenient.

Another thing I always wanted was a white, fake fur rug and when I saw this one, I immediately fell in love with it and knew that it needs to be on my chair for extra comfort and prettiness.

As you can see, I was going for all-white, minimalistic design and brighten that up with a lot of flowers and plants. I think that having those around while you work is very calming and refreshing. The lamp is very inexpensive and simple, but has such nice, clean design and looks beautiful in the evening. It just makes the whole space look cosy and warm. And of course, it wouldn't be me, if there wasn't a candle.. :)

I hope this post inspired you for something new in your own place and since it is spring time - to clean up your work area and make the best out of it. Have a nice day, sweethearts!

Find the items here: Micke desk ; Martin chair ; Lampan lamp ; Tejn fake fur ; Skurar flowerpot ; Sinnlig scented candle
Glass jar - Tiger ; Rose gold glass box , Rose gold jewellery dish - H&M