Post date: 4/6/12

As you see, many things of my Wishlist are from TopShop, but it`s nothing new. They have really great clothes for good prices and I love that they are oh-so-trendy. I hope you enjoy this wishlist and I am sorry for being late with that, as you know I haven`t felt really good in these past days. P.S. The giveaway has ended and as soon as I feel that the power in me is back - I`ll get to that. Thank you for your patience! Have a great day!
Laura said...

Great wish list :)


Karis Wright said...

Love these items especially number 10!



Carmen said...

The necklace looks great!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want number 4, 5, 10 and 12! They look really good

carolineouellette said...

I just go through your blog. it's really helpful and amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Buzz said...

Love it!

Kiss kiss,

Vera said...

very nice things :)
i like the numbers 4 and 8 the most :)

Seeking Style said...

So many great Spring items!

xo Jennifer


Jamie E. Anthony said...

thsoe are great picks for spring! love the pink top


Mary Jane K. said...

Number 11 is really great! ;-) Just checked out your blog and decided I'd like to follow it ;-) You can check out mine if you like. I'm a pretty new blogger and have no reputation (yet;-)), but I'm busy working on it.