Post date: 4/8/12

I wish you very happy and egg-ful Easter, my dear followers. May you all not just eat as much eggs as possible and swing the highest but also remember what this day is abut. May every day of this year be as colorful as the eggs you color and as bright as the sun outside. Have a great time and remember - spending it with your family is heart warming. 
This year we did not color very much eggs but I liked it anyway. This is our morning breakfast. I love these kind of mornings. We had a very delicious cheese cake and it was the first time I`ve ever tried one! As you can see, we used the eggs in first picture only as a decor and for rolling them, but the non-colored ones were for eating. 
Happy Easter!
Elegantesque said...

Happy Easter to you too !


carolineouellette said...

Wow...really amazing.. Happy easter to you.
Thank you.

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Tanita L. said...

I really like your blog !!

I want to start a blogpresentation and if you want to, you could apply for it ;)


The White List said...

Fantastic blog and brilliant post!!! You're amazing!!! Your sense of style is fantastic too!!! Absolutely brilliant...