Post date: 9/29/12

   I am so sorry for not posting for a while, you guys, but I was so busy with school and other important stuff. But still, everything planned turned out very well, I got my first good grades and all in all - the last year of school started really good. 
   These photos were taken a while ago, but I really liked how my golden sweater looked that day so here you go - the look starring my new H&M bag, Zara sweater, Mom`s leather jacket from Mango (really old vintage jacket ♥), BikBok necklace and my tired face below. 

   You can see that I changed the settings oh these photos, but it was dark outside when they were taken so I didn't really have a chance and had to change something for you to see the outfit. 
   And about that H&M bag - it is amazing! I am so glad that I bought it. Very comfortable and big enough to put all the stuff I need in it! If you have a chance, get one for yourself too, no regrets!

   And here is a photo of me and my friend Oscar. We took this picture at "Studentu paradÄ«ze" or "Students paradise" on September 21. You can see me wearing my H&M leggings and necklace, but you`ll get a closer look at those two items in my next post very soon! Take care!

carolina said...

thanks a lot darling :) i'm now following you! great post!

hope we can be in touch, i really like your blog!
much love,

Stefany said...

You are so sweet. Thank you!
I hope so too.

leldea said...

tu izskaties lieliski :)

Stefany said...

Paldies, paldies. ^^