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Post date: 9/30/12

   Hello, hello! I kindly welcome you to another post of mine. These photos were taken yesterday at the end of the day, so that is why I probably look too tired, but whatever, got to show you the look. Aside from that, yesterday was very productive and I had a lot of fun and ate delicious meals, like frozen yogurt, sushi, pizza.. Oh junk food, making me happy and regretful at the same time..
   By the way, I am very excited and scared at the same time. Tomorrow is the 1st of October which means that I have 19 days left till I am 18. Crazy right? Can`t believe that I have survived all these years, haha. Must say ''thank you'' to my mom and dad for raising me so well. I am very happy with where I am in my life and how I turned out so that is a good thing.
   I hope you all have a wonderful week and I see you all in the next post! 

   I was wearing my vintage jacket, BikBok top, H&M leggings, scarf, bag, sunglasses and necklace, Zara cardigan. I love how my new H&M leggings match with the Zara cardigan which was bought a long time ago. Accidental success!

   Below you can see the Anna Dello Russo at H&M keyring. It was a gift when I visited the AdR showroom in this post. I love how it matches my H&M bag and it looks really lovely, i think. :) The package it came in is amazing! I love the color of the box and the whole collection, and the royal golden details. 

Sick by Trend said...

Love you outfit and the keyring is great!



Ansis Fārts said...

Amazing lady is amazing! :D

Pastereczka said...

Nice gift!

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Ansis Fārts said...

Is it just me or do all of the comments here just advertisements for other peoples blogs?

Stefany said...

Not just here, almost everywhere...

Ansis Fārts said...

That's horrible. >_<

Saly Theedensy said...

I love your legging! Pretty outfit :)

Julia said...

I like the oversized vintage blazer! And your bag :)



peek-a-boo said...

Ahaa cute blog seko man es tev sekosu atpakal :-)

La Vie En Rose said...

cool keychain !!

Ansis Fārts said...


Nicoleta_B said...

Absolutely great post :)
And really intresting blog.
We can follow each other on gfc and social networks if u want :)




jessie said...

i really like that keychain! now I'm going to go look for something like it hahahah.

just followed, would you like to check out my blog as well?

ThePre-trender said...

Your handbag is fierce!!

Just followed you, check out my blog at www.thepretrender.blogspot.com

Fabrizia said...

I like this post so much: these pictures are so nicee!
What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
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Anmari ish said...

Oh sweet you already got your share of the collection!
saw your comment on my post on lookbook dear, just started following your blog. I look forward to having you on my followers too :)