Post date: 10/20/12

  I am so happy! Yesterday I turned 18 and it is official - I have the most amazing friends ever! We went to play bowling and then to Old Riga where I had a chance to use my passport to enter a club, finally!
   Below you can see the amazing flower bouquet that my dad gave me. It is so beautiful and still smells wonderful! Thank you daddy ♥

   And this is my new perfume FAME by LadyGaga. It smells really good and the design is pretty awesome too. My two favorite colors - gold and black. Perfect! Thank you, Victoria! The other two parts of this present you`ll see in my next posts. (:

   Here are some instagram photos I put together for you. Soon I`ll write a post about the L`Oreal event I attended. In the two bottom photos you can see my everyday morning when I go to school. It`s always so pretty and when it`s Autumn, it`s amazing outside! Btw, the light on the building is sunrise and if you look closely you can see the rainbow over it too. 

Thank you all for existing in my life!
Without you my life would not be this amazing.