Post date: 10/5/12

   Well here I am again, in the middle of the night, looking at the screen with tired eyes. There are just so many things to do and so little time. But no matter what, I enjoy this part the most. Letting everything go and just writing myself out here, amazing. 
   Actually, this week was not the happiest one. I was sick again, this time every part of my body hurt so it was really not that fun. As if it ever is. But today is the first day I could actually stand up straight without crying.. almost. So yay! 
   I had to go to doctor and I even made up a pretty nice outfit, I think. I called it "Safari" because of the colors and print, obviously. Finally I found another great way to wear that skirt. Yay again! And about the doctor appointment, I now gotta do a blood test to see if I`m all-right. This time I`ll go for Nay, not a big fan of needles. 
   Oh *bloody hell*, scroll down to see the rest of my safariness. 

   Pieces that made this outfit come alive: Sunglasses, ear-cuff, bag - H&M, necklace - Cubus, jacket - vintage, shirt - BikBok, skirt - Zara, watch - gift from my cousin, shoes - I should kill you if I told you (read - I don`t remember).

Bye, bye fashion hunters. ♥
DaFashionFreak said...

You look amazing...! I'm completely in love with your leopard print skirt.


Julia simple said...

Love this post!I think your blog is gorgeous with a lot of refreshing posts, which I like!
Would you maybe like to follow eachother? Let me know xxx

Ansis Fārts said...

I think I'm gonna make a meme out of that last one

Ansis Fārts said...


Daf Benosa said...

I love your jacket! May I ask how were you able to get that vignette effect on your photos? I've been wanting to get the same effect on my photos but I don't really know how. :3

Followed you on Bloglovin and Facebook :)

Found your blog on Lookbook, by the way. Hope you'd check out mine as well. :)

Daphne of Metamorphosis

Kate said...

really cool look, love the leopard print:)
xx Kate


Stefany said...

Thank you so much! I edit my photos with photoscape. I don`t really do much, just sometimes change the backlight or something like that. :)

Cynthia Giang said...

Loving this outfit, you look so chic and sophisticated!

Lise Kapris said...

like your skirt! Fantastic!

fati said...

-People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

Elena sen said...

Gorgeous!! I need that bag in my life :) just followed your blog <3


Stefany said...

Thank you baby doll! xx