Post date: 11/5/12

   As I stated in the previous two posts here and here, I attended Riga Fashion Week last week. It was a really great experience for me because I was finally able to take my own photos of the shows. I honestly can say that I can`t wait for the next fashion week to start. 
   On the last day of RFW I was wearing all black outfit with a little eye-capturing neon necklace. Usually I am wearing lots of different jewelry but this time I went for just one necklace and it is from H&M. My shoes are from Promod and they are so comfortable! I stood up for almost five hours in them and even though they are wedge-type shoes, I felt no pain all night long.
   This is probably one of the few photos of me wearing a pony-tail. I am not a fan of the way I look with this kind of hair style but it felt like it was the right choice. It is hard to notice in the pictures but the ends of my hair are sprayed with black hairspray so it looked really interesting together with the outfit.
   My make-up is made by me and this is the first time I tried pulling the ends of eyeliner into the inner corners of my eyes a little bit longer. Made the look really dramatic and I personally love how it turned out. 
    All in all, I hope you like my outfit. Remember that black is all in this season (yay!) and be sure to follow my blog for more! I`ll see you tomorrow! 

Anete said...

Patīk acu make-up!Un viss melnā outfits ar spilgtu akcentu, lielisks!!:)

Stefany said...

Liels Tev paldies!
Veiksmīgu dienu. :)

Violet E. said...

awesome <3

Stefany said...

Thank you Violet!

La Vie En Rose said...

A great experience indeed!!
You look awesome!

Stefany said...

Thank you, doll :)

kcomekarolina said...

this is so fab!

xoxo from rome

Aleksandra said...

Very cool necklace !


Stefany said...

Thank you very much, darling. :)

Eva said...

The bag is so adorable. :)

Whatever Eva

Linde Lou said...

Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

Would You like to follow each other? :)

Borjana said...

Ohhh how gorgeous this looks,babe!Can't take my eyes off;)

Julia said...

Nice outfit for fashionweek :)