Post date: 11/3/12

 I want to share with you two wonderful shows I attended on November 1. As you might know, it is Riga Fashion Week here in Latvia right now. Many designers are presenting their SS2013 collections and I want to show you two of them. By the way, this is the first time I am taking my own photos at fashion shows so the quality might not be the best but practice makes perfect, doesn`t it? 
   Below and in the first photo you can see the newest QooQoo collection "Botanica". I really liked the setting and all the flowers made me realize how much I miss Summer.  Enjoy!

   I love how poisonous the hair of the model looks. I`ll admit that it made me kinda want to change my hair color to something extreme, but I think that I will leave that idea behind.. for a while.

   This is the dress I really liked and would love to see in my closet. Green, black and white works so good together. Want to try it on and who know, maybe very soon you will see me wearing it!

   And at the end of the show this little cutie surprised everyone. It is QooQoo designers Alyona Bauska`s husky puppy named Laska which in russian means caress and kindness.

   The next show and the last one today is by Narciss and the collection "Austra" is inspired by the mythological Austras tree from Latvian mythology. Colors like gold, silver and copper make the collection seem so royal and precious. Scroll down to see what I mean..

   I think that braids were the right choice for the hair styles and made models look adorable. I want to learn to make myself a messy braid such as the one in the picture above. 

   The jacket and earrings look stunning together and most definitely are on my shopping list!

   This is my favorite part of the collection - the suit. It looks so elegant but at the same time very playful. 

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous collection!
Love the first one!


SimpleGrungeMan said...

Great :)


Stefany said...

Here is their homepage if you`re interested in seeing more of QooQoo :) http://qooqoo.lv/

C said...

Latvia has the best fashion shows! I like how QooQoo was all Katy Perry-esque (chevrons galore! adore!) and then the next one by Narciss ... I mean ... I need some of those dresses in my wardrobe, stat.


Stefany said...

This is the sweetest thing I`ve heard, doll! Thank you so much for your kind words. Stay awesome! :)

Charlotte Forsyth said...

The QooQoo collection is beautiful! The hair, flowers and knee high socks are so cute!
I never realised Latvia had such wonderful shows :)