Post date: 1/9/13

Finally! I am back from my so-called vacation and it is 2013th already! I feel that this year is going to be simply amazing. Many great things happened to me in year 2012 and I can`t wait to see what this year is holding for me. I hope you all had amazing holidays and that you are ready to achieve everything you dream for! 

Yesterday, me and my cousin Lelde (in the picture below) went to theater to see Marlene. It was a really great performance about the famous German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich. I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks to that, I am inspired to go to the theater many, many times this year. I suggest you to do the same. Wonderful way to spend your precious time. (:

I finally bought myself long skirt! I actually hated them when basically everyone was wearing them but I love mine and I love that they`re black. And I am also wearing two great gifts from my mom for Christmas - the white Tru Fix Kru t-shirt and Nixon time teller watch. On my right hand I am wearing a bracelet from BikBok. My necklace is from Cubus. 

And again, you guys, I am apologizing for my lack of posting but you know how it is when it`s Christmas and so on.. But please, take care and I see you all very, very soon!

Fashiontastica said...

Such a lovely look! Composition of the last photo is very interesting!!!

Just found you on Lookbook! No doubt following you since now!
Would be glad to see you also in my blog one day!

Una chica fashiontastica

Stefany said...

Thank you, darling!
I am really happy that you like it.
I like your blog a lot and I am following you right back!
Take care. (:

Hublot Replica said...

So Beautiful!! and i like your style too :) Thanks

Retrograde Rocket said...

I like your stylization - simple but not banal. Super!