Post date: 12/15/12

   Hello all of you beautiful people! It is snowing outside like crazy and the most wonderful way to spend times like these is with family or friends. I can't wait for Christmas Eve to come and to meet every member of my beautiful family.
   On December 7 my hometown Riga experienced something new and wonderful. A new, small (30 seats) movie theatre called "Kino Bize" was opened. "Bize" in latvian means "braid" and this post is about how my braid got on the big, white screen.
   A friend of mine took part in a competition "Kino Bize" held. An up-to 1 minute long video had to be filmed and the theme was "braid." The main prize was an invitation to the opening and a chance of the video being used as a trailer and intro before movies. Amazing news - he won! Below you can see the video and leave your thoughts in the comments. It was really fun to shoot and a really nice experience too. Now, if interested, you can go to "Kino Bize" and see my braid full-size.

   And please don't worry about the December 21. Predictions or so-whatever-called should not affect the way we live and enjoy our lives. Do whatever you enjoy and whatever makes you feel good and take care of yourself and the closest ones. The Earth will exist as long as we want it to and take care of it. 
Steven Brown said...

OMG IT SNOWED WHERE I AM, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL MY LOVE, WISH YOU COULD OF SEEN IT :)! I am following your site. I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and follow if possible. So exciting! Thanks for your time :) keep posting. God bless,

Steven B.

Daf Benosa said...

That is awesome! I hope you're having a wonderful new year!

xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

Saritschka said...

I also want snow!! :D
Happy new year, hope you had a great New Year's Eve!

Would you like to follow each other? I would be happy! <3

Xx, Sara.


Wengie said...

I love that outfit!!
Much love,