Post date: 5/30/13

Hello fellas! I am back from my so-called 'v-cay' or should I say super-stressful exam time. Since I only have one exam left, I can dedicate my soul for this blog again. And yes, full-time. So raise your glass because here comes the preview of H&M Autumn 2013 collection. Modern and dramatic - #`s that perfectly describe this collection. If you are used to see dresses and skirts in other H&M collections, this one will surprise you because pants, leggings, shorts etc. are coming our way next season. I say "cheers to that" and get your eyes on them photos. 

Details, details.. You know how much I love them.

These shorts and the shirt/jacket below stole my heart immediately. 

Chains.. Sure can`t live without them. 

And of course, the perfect welcoming.. food. These treats were so delicious.. I would definitely break some rules to get the recipe. 

See men`s collection in the next post!