Post date: 6/10/13

Last week, on June 6, I had a chance to check out the new Autumn/Winter `13 collection of the brand New Yorker. I have noticed that mainly young teenagers are interested in their clothing, but this event might be the turning point into dressing up not just teenagers but also adults. Personally I loved their sweaters which you can see in the photo below. Having one or two of those in your wardrobe makes sure that you definitely will not be cold when Summer ends. And, ekhm, they sure would look fabulous with a pair of dark jeans and a statement necklace. Just saying.. 

Of course, it would not be New Yorker if no studs, diamonds or crazy prints would be used. I really like the shirt with the diamond collar. It would rock a simple white top underneath. 

This sweater below is such a fun piece to wear to an outdoor festival or a picnic. I think it looks super cute and would look awesome paired with some gold jewelry. 

And yes.. the food. Best. Breakfast. Ever! Thank you KOYA and PolhemPR!