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Post date: 6/17/13

Yesterday I went on a little shopping spree with my mom and sister and had a lot of fun. It was just what I needed after all the crazy exams. Now all that is left is just the graduation on June 20 and then I am free! Can not believe it. 
You can see my new two-toned shoes by Tamaris in photos above and below. I love the neon-green color which makes a great accent and even better - I have a bike in the same color (stay tuned for photos). 

In the photo below you can see my new beach wear - swimsuit and kimono. Both are from H&M and I can not wait to wear them to the beach. I love the print and fun colors, plus, I have never worn a cut-out swimsuit so this will be a good challenge for me, haha.

And of course, if you have a bike without a basket in front of it, you can not live without a bag. Here is my new backpack from Seppala. I was very disappointed to see that this is one of the few stores where you can find backpacks like this one. Would love to get different bags for different outfits. :)