Post date: 6/27/13

Greetings on this not-so-wonderful day! I can see a huge black cloud coming my way and chance that it is not going to rain is almost impossible. But look from the bright side (oh, irony), I decided to share with you a very easy-to-make recipe for a body/face. All you need is coffee and honey. I know that usually people use already used coffee, so if you feel like it, go on, but since I am one of those who do not drink their morning coffee.. 

So, basically, all you need to do is mix coffee with honey and, depending on how thick is the honey, add some water. I know people who like to add little bit of oil, but I do not like the oily feeling after that so I pass that step. 

What I like about this scrub, is that it is super easy to make, does not take a lot of time and is easy to apply and wash off (unless you get some of it in your hair). I use this scrub to freshen up skin about two times a week and usually after I wake up. It also takes off the redness of my skin which is great. P.S. If you use make-up after this, it is a lot easier to apply a foundation, for example. Coffee tends to stimulate the blood pressure too, so I really recommend you to try this. :)