Post date: 8/8/13

On Wednesday I was invited to join Halens boat trip where a wonderful presentation was held and amazing table was served. I had a blast and enjoyed the fantastic weather while looking over the horizon..

Here is the first dish - Seafood appetizer served in avocado; Honey Prosciutto flatbread appetizer; Mini beef burger with homemade bread; Spanish salad served in big size shell pasta. 

A glass of champagne in the morning. 

Finger style fish & chips served in paper cup. I loved these and wouldn't mind getting the recipe.

Halens Baltics CEO Olga and Marketing manager Kriste held a very cool presentation about how they started, what's their goal and how they see fashion. I really enjoyed the presentation and it definitely interested me to find out more about them.

I really like these creamy lace shorts and the black shoulder bag. These two were my favorite pieces. 

Mini Éclairs with cream of champagne and berries with white chocolate glaze; Mango chutney cheese cupcakes. I loved these mini Éclairs. They were so tasty and mouth-watering. 

After I found out that they also made Mojitos on the boat I couldn't resist. They were perfect for such weather.