Post date: 8/8/13

Last week I attended another press day where many bloggers/journalists/media were introduced to all the newest in fashion/beauty world. 
What I loved the most (not just because of the story behind it, but OH MY the design) was New Vintage by Kriss jewelry
Rocks, rocks - rocks everywhere. I find rock a very beautiful material to work with and this Estonian woman Kriss Pōldma happened to know how to do it perfectly. 

These necklaces from collection "Rocking Halo" are my official favorites! Love the minimalism and simpleness they bring. Necklaces come in various lengths and are great for layering. 

What I love about this jewelry is that all the necklaces are either tiny, delicate or bold, statement pieces that go together with everything. And the range of colors is wide enough for any occasion. 

Another wonderful piece is this Miss "Mermaid I Am Not" from "Deep" collection. 

If you are as fascinated with this jewelry as I am, click here for the online boutique! And here is New Vintage By Kriss facebook page!

Thank you PolhemPR Latvia for having me and the amazing blogger Kristiana. We had a lot of fun and the snack table was perfect! 

Leave a comment below and let me know which is your favorite piece. 
See you soon!