Post date: 9/24/13

Here I am. Standing in front of my new home. I enjoy this place so much. It is so homey and beautiful. I live in an extremely lovely and beautiful neighborhood. One thing that I really can not wait for is Halloween because I have never given out candy or decorated my house on this day of a year, so this year I am looking forward to all of the things that I have only seen in movies. :)

Today I wore my new H&M basics t-shirt in burgundy which I find the perfect color for Autumn. Over the shirt I wore a vest that was a gift and I really like it because of the studs. My necklace is from BikBok and so are the snake-skin leggings and earrings. 
I love my Bronx leather boots. They are very comfortable and go together with almost everything. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon. :) Stay awesome!