Blogging bugs

Post date: 6/21/14

It's been such a long time since I last shared my news with you, guys. So sorry about that but believe me, there's a lot to come and so many great ideas are running through my head constantly. I just need to get my life together and lately I feel like I am not doing something that I should. You know these times and each one of us goes through things like that at least once in a while.

I have thought about what are my plans for this blog and how I would like it to be, but I must admit that I am in the middle of moral crisis right now. Starting with a lack of motivation. I feel like the whole blogosphere and what is happening on this side of fashion industry is so plain and commercialized. I know that what I want to do is share what I like, love and admire. I see so many girls starting off blogging because it is "cool"or "trendy". But it is not how you do it. All the step-by-step guides on how to start blogging are pointless unless its technical help. And then there are all of these copy-paste comments on other blogs, including mine, with a link to theirs. It has been a long time since I have read a blog where it is not about the quantity but quality instead..

Don't get me wrong, not all bloggers are like this. Most of them are just rookies, like myself. But, believe me, if blogging is what you do for fame and money, it will get you nowhere. When I see girls posting their links all over the internet, I immediately assume that what they are posting is as plain as the link in a comment box.

Of course one can share their link (it's how we all start), but whenever I do that, I make sure that what I am writing in the comment field or wherever, is honest and fits there. It is so overwhelming to read these "You look gorgeous in this outfit, girl. Check out my blog ..." all over the place. Not that I have never done that, but when you are a blogger as well, you get the feeling of receiving no credit at all. Plus, most of the posts include real reading material, but I know, that most of it is just ignored because it's gotten to the point where people scroll through photos as quickly as possible and type a "Cool post" comment below. I mean, I know it's a "cool post", why would I post it if it wasn't. :)

Well, I guess you've got my point and maybe one day I will say more of what I want to say, but I hope you get what I am ranting here about and get the reason for my long-term break of blogging. I just want to bring you quality material and my personal taste in fashion. I am not willing to be the one sharing Asian collaborations and things that I am not enjoying myself.

I love blogging and sharing my thoughts in general, but this blog will either be with a value or won't exist at all.

Thank you for those who are still interested and follow me. Lots of love. <3