The New Black

Post date: 6/30/14

You know those times when you feel like something HAS to change? I have them a lot and recently my last domain - expired. I took it as a chance to start a new life here, on my blog. Not only with new, better content but with the name of it as well. So from no on there is nothing strange happening here, it is all Black Irony. The new link to this blog is

Ironically, the reason for the name is because of my obsession with black clothing and the color in general. You might know that I am not a dark person, not even close, but I take black color more seriously than all the other ones.

Even this blog started out as an experiment, a silly place for myself. Now it has grown out in something that I couldn't live without. My blog is not just a hobby, it is my passion and happiness.

So to all of you, my lovely, amazing and beautiful followers, stay awesome and keep on reading. There are a lot of cool news coming up. :)

Much love,