Post date: 1/24/15

No. This is not a post about toddlers and mermaids, this is about letting go of that part of you who is always in hurry and crawled up on a couch if not. This is about me going for walks..

I have always been the one who walks the fastest and if so then only to last-minute grocery shopping, most-likely-to-be-late school and busses. This is what it was like until just recently. And by recently I mean yesterday. But stop your giggles right there, cause some people just started going to the gym (whaddup New Years reference!). And I promise to soon be joining them as well..

So yesterday I went out for a real proper walk for the first time in ages. I started listening to my new favourite book and my new older-sister-I-never-had - Amy Poehler and hers "YES PLEASE!" Highly recommend and advise you to read it or at least listen to it (she reads it herself and it makes it even better).

Today was my second walk. I just returned and here is what I thought about while on my self healing session:

1. Walking outside right after it has snowed is magical, beautiful and beyond calming. The sound the snow makes under your shoes makes you never want to stop and yes, you can hear the snow even through your earphones.

2. Walking outside right after it has snowed is dangerous as well and not only because it is slippery and you constantly feel like you will fall on your bum, but also because of the teenagers who apparently are amazingly good at throwing snowballs all across the streets. I didn't get hit by any but the panic was there.

3. Going out hungry is not a good idea if there are at least 3 grocery stores, 1 asian restaurant, 1 pizzeria and McDonalds dangerously close to where you live.

4. If you don't have internet on your phone and the WiFi is lacking on it's purpose you might notice that you received 5 chicken nuggets instead of 6 as it says on the box. You might as well feel better at that point because not only you didn't order any soda with your food but ate 47 calories less than you would if they hadn't cheated. No hard feelings.

5. You might feel the thirst right after finishing your box of feelings and get a chocolate milkshake from the store right around the corner, but then leave it on a bench at the next bus stop because it was too weird and thick and because no garbage bins were provided. Then you might find yourself at yet another store with a can of coke in your hand and regrets in the other.

6. Listening to a great book for the whole time might actually make you feel better about yourself and getting home where it is warm and cosy will make you want to do this again and again and KEEP ON WALKING. TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF. RELAX.