New in WARDROBE and favourite ZARA sunglasses

Post date: 1/29/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger
It is Copenhagen Fashion Week now here, in Denmark. I went to the city yesterday and loved all the beautiful and fashionable people there.

I am invited to the Barbara I Gongini show which will happen tomorrow and I am so excited that it will be super hard to fall asleep tonight. Mainly because the brand is Amazing! and that it is my first big-deal fashion week after Riga FaShion Week. So stay tuned for more blogposts!

After the show I will go to the annual Modeblogprisen (Fashion Blog Awards) and cheer for many amazing bloggers here in Cph.

On Saturday I will be attending the Fashion Talks and hear what people in this industry have to say. I can't wait!!

But other than that, here are some cool things I recently bought, in case you're interested:

Gina Tricot necklace

These Gina Tricot necklaces are amazing and I love them! All combined together they look edgy and cool. <3

Urban Outfitters backpack

My new Urban Outfitters backpack is too cool for school, literally. Loving the croc print  and gold details. It will be perfect for carrying my camera with me no matter where. It was a real bargain too!

Urban Outfitters croc bag

H&M fake nails

Since Christmas I became really obsessed with press on nails and I hope I can pull off these babies from H&M.

Monki fake nose ring

If you're into face jewellery, but never had the guts to pinch a needle through - Monki sells these super cute and awesome fake nose rings. I've become obsessed with these and sorry mom, but I'm keeping them.

ZARA sunglasses

These sunglasses are anything but new in my wardrobe (got them last October or something), but they are my absolute favourites and the edgiest glasses I've owned.

Copenhagen fashion week outfit

Thank you for reading and catch ya later!