Post date: 2/4/15

Copenhagen fashion blogger

Interior decor has been my obsession for a long time now and H&M home is one of my favourite places to look for new and trendy things to decorate my room with. Today I will share with you some of my latest purchases and no need to point out - most of them are rose gold (another obsession I can't stay away from. :)

H&M home wooden box

I got this wooden tray mostly for storing my bits and pieces like you see in the photo above. I think it might look pretty cool for fruit as well (as it says on the tray), but I just like to use it as a pretty display.

H&M home rose gold
The glass box with rose gold details I use for storing my beautiful dried rose heads. They just look so cute and beautiful there. At first I thought of putting some jewellery in it, but the roses give the box a bit of romantic twist and reminds of the pretty things in life. :)

H&M home ambience candle
The metal dish is for tiny jewellery like rings and necklaces. I have wanted one of these for a long time and when I spotted it in H&M I couldn't just leave it there.

The candle that you can find here is just something I really enjoy keeping in my room. It takes some time for me to burn candles like these because they are more like a pretty pice in the interior that an actual candle, but I might give it a burn soon. I wish that it had some kind of a scent too, but unfortunately this is an unscented one. Still looks awesome, though.

H&M home pillowcase
And these three pillowcases are just something I keep on my couch to add a bit of a colour since I am not a big fan of colours in general. I like to keep my room simple and minimalistic, so these joined the club just in time. I am loving those vintage writings as well. Buy them here and here

Pillows (and lots of them) are a must for me so every time I visit a home store or godforbidIKEA my collection gets bigger and bigger. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon!