Post date: 3/16/15

I recently came across the amazing Shop and Box website which makes shopping available to anyone. I think we all have been in a situation when you really want something but the shipping is not available to your country or is too expensive for the value of product.
This is where Shop and Box comes in. I haven't tried it yet though, but seeing the great reviews and amazing products others have bought through their service, made it obvious that I should share this with you guys.

(instagram: @shopandbox) 

The basic idea is that you make your wish list with anything you want, post your order and they your personal shopper (a boxer) is assigned and you can pay for the product and shipping. Then you get your goods.

A boxer is somebody who is extremely passionate about shopping and enjoys it doing for not only himself. This means, that you can contact your boxer at all times, talk about discounts and how to get the product or item you really want for the best price.

I would like to remind you that this is not a sponsored post, just something I find extremely useful. This is great if you want to try some american sweets that you can't get in your country, for example, a lot of people order Oreo cookies which are special edition (red velvet cake, caramel apple, birthday cake etc..) as well as MAC, Nars, Tarte, Elf and other cosmetics. I believe this could work for underwear, like Victorias Secret, as well. If you are sure you don't need to try it on, of course.

What I think is a total extra is that, if you order multiple goods, you will receive them all at once in one box - yay for one huge order rather than multiple small ones! :)

I hope you like the idea as much as I do and that this might help you on your further shopping experience. I believe this might be super helpful for those loving makeup and not being able to get all those beautiful MAC special edition things.

I have put some photos from Shop and Box Instagram feed up here on the post for your inspiration. Maybe you see something you have had your eye on but could not get. I would also recommend getting multiple things at once, since you have to pay a small fee to boxers. Enjoy! :) 

(instagram: @shopandbox)