Post date: 3/23/15

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Ever since I can remember shopping by myself, I have always had a struggle with buying things I actually need and would wear. You know, the same old story when your mom is all about getting you functional clothing, but you follow trends and buy things that just look pretty, but wouldn't go together with the things you already own.

This topic has been talked about everywhere - your favourite blogs, magazines and tv, but I decided to share my top things to have in the closet. Things that are a lifesaver when you feel like there is nothing to wear.

Trench coat

A trench coat should be an investment piece in your wardrobe. It is a clothing that you can wear with almost anything and in almost every season - depends on your time zone, but mostly every season except Winter.

I believe that you should choose a coat that is in neutral, one-tone color. Best if black, white or beige, but if you are feeling a bit more brave - try experimenting with pastels - those are not just a huge trend right now, but look amazing in Spring.

Wardrobe Essentials
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Simple backpack

Backpacks are back for good and you should definitely take advantage of the huge options in stores right now. There are leather, transparent, with prints, one-tone backpacks. Anything you can imagine. Just pick the one you like and it will soon become your favourite bag - guaranteed.

If you're buying your first backpack (not the typical school ones), I suggest picking a simple and preferably black one, with enough space so it can fit a laptop. I bring mine everywhere.

How to shop
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Flannel shirt

This is a shirt you can wear by itself, layer it and it will not only keep you warm, but is very versatile and you can easily dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. I love to wear mine in Summer - when it is hot in the daytime you can wrap it around your waist, but in the evening it can be a true lifesaver. 

What to buy when shopping
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Dark jeans

Make sure that there is at least one pair of simple, dark jeans. No bleaches, decorative elements. Just plain jeans. These will not only be great for work or school, but you can wear them to almost any occasion.

Wardrobe must haves
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 Long sweatshirt

Why long? Because it will go together with most of your other items. Leggings, jeans, skirt. Just make sure at least the back of the sweatshirt is a bit longer than the front. The ways you can style it are endless.
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Tank top

Light fabrics are almost in any store now and most of the clothing is pretty see-through. If you have a piece like that, a simple tank top underneath it will make it wearable and you will feel more confident when going out.

The great part is that you can style these with simple jeans and nice shoes and still look fabulous.

Copenhagen Fashion
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Black bag

Every woman needs a simple, black bag in her collection. There is not much to say about this. It is the bag you will definitely wear the most and it should be big enough for all the things you carry with you everyday.

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Leather jacket

It doesn't have to be real leather. You can choose a vegan, faux leather. As long as you have a leather jacket in your wardrobe, you are safe.

If you fancy something a bit different, choose one with the so-trendy fringe or metal elements. Get your rock on, girl!

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Big scarf

A big scarf that you can wrap around your neck multiple times or put over your shoulders in cold evenings is something you need to have. There are so many options to choose from. Pick your favourite and make sure you always store it nicely. No loose threads - keep it neat. :)
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 White t-shirt

Yes. This is the one thing that is listed first by stylists and they are right. A plain, white t-shirt is a must in every wardrobe. Nothing to wear? Not anymore. With this versatile piece every outfit can be pulled together in no time. Just make sure that the fabric is nice and the shirt fits you perfectly - you're good to go!

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Distressed jeans

Not the biggest must in a closet, but still nice to have. I love to wear these kind of jeans with the previously mentioned white t-shirts and pretty heels.

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Ankle boots 

Good quality and neutral colour ankle boots will be your best friends. They go together with most of clothing and are easy to walk in. Double score!

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Neutral sandals

This is optional, but always nice to have. Goes together with skirts, jumpsuits, rompers and jeans. If you're not a fan of huge heels, pick lower ones. They will always look pretty and save you on sunny days when going out.

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 Small necklaces

I must admit that I never wore small necklaces until recently. I was always a bold, statement necklace kind of girl. But I can swear that once you get at least one of these tiny pieces, it will be your most worn piece of jewellery.

My favourite place where to get necklaces like these is Gina Tricot and TopShop.
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Simple watch

If you're getting you're first watch, better choose one that is simple and in one colour. I really like the Daniel Wellington ones, but go through Asos or Urban Outfitters. They have really nice ones to choose from.
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A tote

When you have a tote in your collection, you can be sure that for most occasions, it will be the best option. If you need to bring a lot of things with you, when going to school/work, this is the best choice after a backpack. Totes are usually from a harder material so you can easily bring any documents with you and be sure that they wont get destroyed.

And those are all of my must-haves for a wardrobe! I hope you liked this post and let me know what are your essentials.