Post date: 9/4/13

Frederiksborg Castle (via instagram)

Hello my dear followers! Maybe this is unexpected or maybe you've heard, but I have changed my location from Latvia to Denmark. I've been here for 1 week now and it is amazing! I am living close to Copenhagen - Kgs Lyngby and I am studying Multimedia Design and Communication at Copenhagen Business Academy. It is still hard to get used to things so I am sorry about not posting a thing lately. Still, I am preparing some cool posts for you and many surprises. I can't believe how amazing Denmark is. So many great opportunities and possibilities. 
As a fashion blogger, I must say - stores are to-die-for. I love and have always loved Danes and Swedes for their sense of fashion - laid back and still stylish. Now that I am living among them, I am even more motivated than ever to work on this blog.
I will let you know more about my ideas and future posts very soon. I still need to get all the things together, like, find a job, buy a bed and etc. haha. 
Stay tuned for many great things coming very soon.